Would You Buy a Phone With 9000 mAh Battery?

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Would You Buy a Phone With 9000 mAh Battery?

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Chinese maker MACOOX has come out with its new phone powered by a 9000 mAh battery. The phone is called EX1 and comes equipped with 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage and an undisclosed quad-core processor. On the display front, the phone measures a 4.5 inch, and has a main camera of 8 MP and a selfie camera of 2 MP.9000 mah battery chinese phone

However all is not perfect in paradise -the EX1 comes with a bulky body of 14-15 mm in thickness. Unless you are planning to wear trousers with huge pockets, carrying this device might be a little bit of a bother.

According to sources, the phone appears to be a handset glued to a power-bank. Why not just carry your stylish, sleek smartphone along with a power-bank instead, right? We have the same question. Let us know if you come up with an answer for that one.

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  • Gautam Kapoor

    I’d love to charge my phone rather than carry 9000mAh battery.

  • Krishh Krishna

    :) thinking same bro

  • Gnanasingh Arputhadas

    Yes, Macoox EX1

  • Ashraf Ahmed Khan

    Laalach Buri Bala Hai !! ;) :P :3 :D

  • Saad Ali Eren Jaegar

    It will take more time to charge so i guess no

  • Aizaz Ahmed

    It will be a Suicide Mission … Just have to wait for Blast …

  • Amit Singh

    No.. mere ghar par inverter ki separate battery hai..

  • Saketh Desai

    Should not weigh over 150 grams
    Phone should be at 6.5 or 7 mm thiker
    Wid fast charging
    I’ll get this phone anyway

  • Nimmala Dheeraj Goud

    I don’t wanna die in phone blast!!

  • Tapan Bhanot

    Yes why the hell not. It should come with fast charging though else it will take ages to recharge.

  • Swapnil Lonkar

    ofcourse i will if size is not too big……thr is no issue with charging time ;) as u can charge it whole night ..

  • Shubham Bandyopadhyay

    Hello smile emoticon please help me out. I am using Asus Zenfone 2 laser! I had hidden my Gallary app due to some personal reasons. But now i want to unhide the Gallary app! But i dont find any way to do so! Please tell me how will i unhide any app without launching any other launcher? Eagerly waiting for your reply! Thank You :)

  • Anuj Khatri

    in near future devices will charge power banks

  • Omkar Nagvekar

    9000 mAH, huh, can you imagine the width and size of the phone. I would prefer it in apple ipad mini

  • Dipanjan Ray

    That’s good but how many days will it take to charge ? And what about the weight ?

  • Sahil Bisht

    Yeah with fast charging ~~less then 3hr

  • Parth Garg

    With low charging times

  • Shahbaz Alam

    A good power bank (Mi or OnePlus) with sleek smartphone is much better options..

  • Shivansh Tiwari

    Only if the charging time is less than 3 hours