iPhone 7 to be Waterproof and Have 3GB of RAM

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iPhone 7 to be Waterproof and Have 3GB of RAM

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There’s still about 10 months left before Apple comes out with its next flagship devices, and yet there have been tons of rumours and speculations already in the air about every little detail related to the iPhone 7.

Research company TrendForce has revealed some more dirt on the iPhone 7. Apparently, the highlights of the next generation of iPhones will be a 3GB RAM and waterproof design. These are supposed to be the defining new features of the iPhone 7, though as usual, you should take these rumours with a grain of salt. Furthermore, it seems like only the iPhone 7 Plus variant will get the bumped up RAM.

iPhone waterprrof

TrendForce also reiterates what many sources have speculated that a 4-inch iPhone is in the offing and will see an early 2016 release, while the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be unveiled sometime during the second half of 2016.

Lastly, while Apple will likely beat its own sales performance next year with an estimated 260 million units, the Cupertino giant, however, might not manage to take the smartphone sales crown from Samsung, which is expected to sell around 310 million units next year.


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  • Tushar Shahu

    yesssss! i got many likes :D try now => Www,AppleLiker ,COM

  • Tapan Bhanot

    Lol I just moved from i6 to oneplus 2. And believe me everything is so fast now. Earlier I was in slow Lane and now I am on freeway. Browsing, gaming, etc all is so fast. 4gb ram rocks.

  • ‘Bha Nu’

    They will upgrade the ram only if their ios hungers for that extra gig, Or if they got more efficient a10 chip that requires no extra power for that ram. I used to be a android fanboy and now upgraded to iphone6s believe me there is nothing to complain about iphone. No lag, no stutters, no unfortunately stopped warnings just like android. Its a very refined product. I must say don’t judge them without using them.

  • ‘Bha Nu’

    Dude iphone is class. Its a accessory just like a 10k fossil watch which shows no purpose other than time.

  • ‘Bha Nu’

    Exactly i think 1080p will be included in the iphone 7
    But pixels or resolution doesn’t matter i’m using a 6s and its much beautiful than my nexus5’s display.

  • Khaldoon Mirza

    Haahahahaah 32 GB ram……fake

  • Aakash Chopra

    What more to ask for? *.*

  • Jonathan Abraham

    iPhone 7 to be waterproof and have 3GB of Ram just at price of Two kidney’s and heart transplant U0001f60f

  • Oliver Fernandes

    it needs to be given a warm welcome to be 2 years behind android based phones in terms of specs yet cost twice or thrice as expensive.

  • Harsh Singh Bhadouria

    Dabba hai Dabba uncle ka iPhone dabba! Dabba hai Dabba U0001f60cU0001f60c

  • Siddharth Jain

    And it’s gonna cost 1.5 lacs only..
    Atleast that department always get an upgrade :p

  • Mohit Lohani

    Going to be an expensive trade though
    But 3Gbs of Ram and other added features
    Definitely Thumbs up

  • ?????? ????? ?????

    By the time it releases, sammy will provide 6gb ram and the story continues…..

  • Fizza Baig

    My favorite phone ?

  • Hammad Gohar

    This is fake

  • Sanketh Jain

    U0001f346 aata 3gb ram

  • Harekrushna Jena

    Already he re pappaa :-P

  • Tigrish Chakrabarty

    Put 2k amoled screen 128hz, 4gb ram, 8 core processor and sell it 400$ max

  • Roy Yatogami

    Pfft Android release Waterproof Phones now Apple copying :v

  • Sagar Malhotra

    Lena hi hai DeePakU0001f60d
    Nancy hell yeahU0001f918U0001f3fb

  • Zain Kazi

    Ammar Chewalkar Ha toh de dunga tereko har roz k 10 10 rs

  • Ammar Chewalkar

    Gaune lagte hai book karne

  • Shali Khan

    Wanderful price please?

  • Prosenjit Boral

    But will be very expensive.. out of our reach…..

  • Antonio Ruben Jack

    Rishi Richi Oh finally. Welcome to 2013

  • Clive Mac

    This was the the Apple 6 concept U0001f639U0001f639U0001f639
    or this

  • Clive Mac

    There is always that concept and it sucks the time it releases :3 #Truestory

  • Smartphone Brand

    Obi worldphone backed by Ex-Apple CEO all set to launch in India…

  • Ashish Gupta

    We are currently with!??

  • Giridhar Gowda

    I like it. My iPhone 5s is better. I think iphone 7 is too much cost.

  • Saksham Bhati

    Saurabh Chaurasia halka operating system and 3 gb ram

  • Ashraf Ahmed Khan

    Don’t forget to apply the Polyurethane Screen Protector !! :P :3 :D :v

  • Saksham Bhati

    Ashish Gupta 3gb on ios. #monster

  • Moiz Bhatti

    Lol 32 GB ram

  • Zain Kazi

    Ammar Chewalkar , Plz pre-book ds fr me :)

  • DeePak MalhOtra

    Ab toh pkka lenge…thk h jab ayega

  • Dipanjan Ray

    And prices in crores

  • Aman Goyal

    Dekho ab kya hota hai

  • Suvansh Ajmani

    Wait obviously U0001f612

  • Aman Goyal

    Dekho. I m not buying 6s for sure , after my exams i m gona decide that whether to buy i6 or wait for i7

  • Suvansh Ajmani

    Body same hai 6 and 6s main just like 5 and 5s. S series main kabhi farak nahi nikalte zayada. Told you so 72k waste karne ka mere hisab se fayeda nahi hai 6s itna bikaa bhini 6 jitna so na le

  • Mayur Gangawane

    Lmao git gud apple, android got those features a year ago.

  • Suvansh Ajmani

    Aman Goyal I guess you should wait ??

  • Abhimanyu

    I’ll buy it. This is dream come true.

  • Rahul Gahlawat

    3GB RAM? PLZ

  • Malik Bagwala

    Yeah…Ayush Kothari…a 1080p AMOLED display will be a more important upgrade

  • Ayush Kothari

    3 gb ram is not necessary…..
    2 gb is enough

  • Moses Francis

    “waterproof” haha, always late to the party.

  • Dev Kumar

    Another iPhone which I won’t be able to buy..

  • Jay Kachalia

    Worst phone of the decade. IPhone. Dabba

  • Usman Khan

    What is price

  • Hiqua Waqas

    If come this I wish to purchase with any prices

  • AJ RàNá

    i’d buy a chocolate -_-

  • Nitish Dewangan

    and it costs 2 kidney

  • Tejas Gupta

    I think you forgot to add the word *RUMOURED* :/

  • Mehak Mehra

    Sidharth Sanjay Jaggi
    Haha iPhone 7 looks interesting !

  • Biswamitra Parua

    And price must be near to 1 lakhs for 16 gb version :-P :-D

  • Dhirajj K Mahato

    Directly import form euthopia.. No need of detail.

  • Chetan Malik

    Finally they are going to do those things which are already available in the market and should have done that with the earlier models. Atleast with that price tag.

  • Ps1P

    igyaan:Sweet Dreams.. they will come new design with slightly improved specs.

  • Giriprasath Gcs

    Let it be… You guys know any details on the launch date of #Yutopia from #YU?

  • Malik Bagwala

    Highly unlikely… 3gb will be seen on iphone 7s or 8

  • Harsh Singh Bhadouria

    islave? New Paid app for iOS? U0001f60c

  • Dhirajj K Mahato

    Yup more den tata nano…congrats u r now islave

  • Anchal Dhiman

    may reach alto.cost.

  • Saurabh Besoya

    Lol, iPhones are useless, a 5K android do almost everything except a finer camera. The power and experience that android phones provide at 10k really do make you wonder is it really necessary to spend 70k to buy something you’ll be replacing after two years lol.. A 90k iPhone lasts two years, a bike would last seven years and a laptop at that cost won’t get phased out for 7-8 years

  • Dhirajj K Mahato

    Will be cost more den tata nano

  • Dhirajj K Mahato

    Den u r islave.

  • Dinesh Kumar

    Apple phone next upgrade is price they want to make ir 5lakhs

  • Varun Kanwadia

    and price in india will be going to ?200000/- only for 32 gb version

  • Maddy Vishwas Joshi

    Price 1.5 lac? :v -_-

  • Tapan Bhanot

    No it won’t be. It won’t have 3 GB RAM at all. Apple barely upgrades anything and they tend to keep it for 2-3 years like that.

  • Trishal Roy

    And i can say for sure this is never going to happen..just waste of speculations @igyaan

  • Anchal Dhiman

    we can expect many things from other phones but not Iphone.

  • Viki Khosa

    What else do you expect from a cel phone then .?

  • Sharath Premnath

    Wow 3gb ram

  • Johneph Sukham

    Price= 70K ?

  • Anchal Dhiman

    and they will increase the screen size, camera etc only.

  • Harsh Singh Bhadouria

    And then I can Finally buy 5 or 5S! U0001f60dU0001f60d *Kidneys are more important than iPhone*
    P.S. I can easily buy iPhone 6S (Ok 6) but why should I? U0001f60cU0001f60c