Vodafone 4G LTE Launch All Set For December in Five Circles

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Vodafone 4G LTE Launch All Set For December in Five Circles

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4G LTE is finally rolling out full swing in the country, after Airtel and Reliance Jio, Vodafone is finally aiming to launch 4G connections in December. As of now, it seems to be focusing on IT strong circles such as Delhi, Mumbai, Karnataka, Kerala and Kolkata. These are the places that they have identified as being most adaptable to a SIM change from 3G to 4G. As far as the question about equipment comes in; they will be using Ericsson and Swedish made Nokia equipment to launch the 4G SIMs.

Vodafone acquired the spectrum for these circles in January of 2015, and the delay has been due to implementation of equipment due to strong laws in the above said circles.

However, Airtel already has coverage in 330 towns and Reliance Jio aiming to be the market leader for 4G in India; it is to be seen as to how Vodafone will capture the market.

Reliance is aiming for low price 4G data implementation early 2016 aiming to charge subscribers of Jio as low as Rs 50-100 for 1 GB of data vs the current price of approximately Rs. 250 for 1 GB of 4G data.

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  • Shail Abhi Kujur

    Wow its great

  • Keyur Bhesania

    brace your self another 4G girl U0001f467 coming

  • Ashesh Kabyajit Bal

    3G,4G Neither affordable nor unlimited. We don’t stream much on Mobile broadband. We don’t download Tv series. Mobile broadband : with 1000 bucks we get 5-10 gb ?optical fiber : with 1000 bucks we get 80-100 gb ??

  • Humza Qureshi

    Vodafone is always good when it comes to service delivery

  • Anuraj J Pillai

    Time to switc from Airtel if Vodafone is launching in 1800hz

  • Raghavendra Raghu

    Waiting for AIRCEL 4G :'(

  • Abhishek C Raveendra

    Waiting for Vodafone 4G advertisements , Hope atleast they use a men as model instead of 4G Girl by Airtel

  • Yashpal Salecha

    Better late than never…

  • NishchayKolabkar

    MrNaveenShettyigyaan its circle buddy they are classified as circles for examples there is mumbai circle and a different circle for maharashtra & goa combined.

  • Sreenivas Katta

    We are waiting for Hyderabad 4G

  • MrNaveenShetty

    igyaan when did Karnataka and Kerala become cities?

  • Abhishek Ahuja

    Abe yr salo 2g toh sahi se de dete pehle.. :(

  • Yubaraj Shome

    Eagerly waiting! (Y)

  • rkartha

    igyaan It is *Kerala*. Rectify the typo!