New and Improved Selfie Stick: It’s Longer and Here to Stay

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New and Improved Selfie Stick: It’s Longer and Here to Stay

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In an unusual twist of events, the selfie stick has been revamped by author Mansoon and made longer, and somewhat, more absurd (if that was even possible). The selfie stick made by Mansoon is longer and has ended up achieving what it had set out to evade -extra attention in public.Longer Selfie Stick

The modified product is featured on the website Omocoro. Mansoon explains his intention behind the product as to avoid the embarrassment of using something a selfie stick in public. Two prop hands ordered off Amazon to make this contraption by him. Needless to say, the clothes had to be modified as well  to make the prop hands look like part of his body.Longer Selfie Stick2

In case you are interested in getting one of these for yourself, the website offers a step-by-step DIY. Take a look and try it at home (or not) if you’re tired of watching the grass grow or the paint peel off the wall.

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