Samsung Galaxy S7 To Come With a MicroSD Slot

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Samsung Galaxy S7 To Come With a MicroSD Slot

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A Samsung smartphone is on its way, so obviously there are a thousand leaks and rumours about it. This time its about the Samsung Galaxy S7. The latest one said that the Galaxy S7 might come with a 4k display, now it seems it might also improve on a feature that most people had a problem with in the previous installment in the Galaxy line-up.

The Galaxy S7 might come with a microSD slot for memory expansion. Further reports also suggest that the device might also sport a 5.2 inch display, while the Galaxy S7 Edge could arrive with a 5.7 inch curved edge display. Let us wait for the launch and see what this new smartphone has to offer. Until then watch this space for more updates.


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  • Muhammad Mushood

    It nay Ka hai

  • Einstein Steven Dsouza

    Dat design sycks

  • Tarun Yadav

    Samsung in its own a myth :p

  • Jai Vardhan Singh

    Have S4…don’t care

  • Aman Arora

    gonna buy this flasgship in december …

  • Nikhil Sai Hem

    Im a note 5 user… and find it offensive … :/

  • Shantanu Tuljapure

    Prathamesh Pandhare. Typical Samsung. They will remove a feature from their previous flagship and put it in their upcoming flagship. Present flagship won’t have that feature. Next flagship will have and then they’ll again swag around that feature. For example, S5 was water resistant. S6 was not. Now S7 will be. And then they’ll say, the next big thing, with water resistant! :p

  • Amardeep Gautam

    Dude…iPhones are copies…android gives variety…

  • SKengond

    igyaan Bharath.. when is the launch date ??

  • Nanak Singh Khurana

    Sammy is a pure copy af apple it steals all of apple’s plan

  • Nanak Singh Khurana

    Wow good news bro

  • Amardeep Gautam

    It should… Sammy should stick to the features it’s known for. Don’t imitate Apple..