Nokia 230 is the Basic Phone for Selfie Obsessed People

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Nokia 230 is the Basic Phone for Selfie Obsessed People

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Microsoft has made the Nokia 230 official. Like its predecessor, last year’s Nokia 130, this phone follows a simple interface minus the song and dance of modern day smartphones and is priced at an affordable $55 (Rs. 3600). The phone also has a dual-SIM model -Nokia 230 Dual SIM

Like the LG Ray X190, the phone concentrates on letting you click pretty selfies with its 2 MP front camera, same as the main camera. Both cameras also have LED flash.

Rest of the specs include a 2.8-inch display with 240 x 320 pixel resolution, and 16 MB of RAM. But don’t let this make you think any less of the Nokia 230 which is capable of supporting Bing Search, Facebook, Twitter, Opera Mini, MSN weather.

The phone has no internal storage but supports a MicroSD card of up to 32 GB. Furthermore, Nokia 230 has Bluetooth 3.0, GSM support and dual-band 900MHz/1800MHz only as wireless connectivity options. It also has an FM Radio receiver (ain’t that cute?) with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.Nokia 230 1

With a sand-blasted aluminium back cover, the phone measures a 124.6 x 53.4 x 10.9 mm and comes equipped with a battery marked at 1,200 mAh.

If you ever feel like getting away from the world of blingy smartphones, Nokia 230 in all its simplicity is the way to go. It will be made available starting December.

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  • Sandeep Singh

    Time to gift a phone to my Grandfather.. he is struggling with the touch screen phone..

  • Nabeel Chaudhry

    Price kya ha is ke

  • Shiv Kamal Upadhaya

    Hold ur horses…wait for 2016

  • Vijayant Rana

    Why Nokia? Why????

  • Asim Nizamani

    How much this phone

  • Sai Ram Mateti

    This move from Microsoft will force the real Nokia change their brand name. Microsoft intentionally did this to kill Nokia from coming back as it will take over their Nokia (Microsoft phone) market also rises to leading phone vendor in no time. That would mean Microsoft bought almost nothing from Nokia. Darn you Microsoft, kuch bhi karo, Nokia will get peoples love as Nestlé magi getting after it was proved to have been something wrong and scary ingredient in it, Lead. Kaash Microsoft ne Nokia ko buyback guarantee ki saath karida hota or 30 day returning policy.

  • Yogesh Kumar

    WhatsApp to daal dete yaar

  • Suman Banik

    review ta dekhe e dio bubui

  • Satyajit Patil

    bhai its microsoft

  • Ravi Nirmal

    Nokia Laya Android Woh Bhi sala Apna Banay Hua Platform Arre Copy marke 3 Pcs Yuphoria Pe Nokia Likhta To Bhi Market Khich Leta Nokia Name Big Not Get Benifit

  • Ravi Nirmal

    Nokia Bole to No kia Kuchh Nai Kia

  • Parth Garg

    Nice feature phone for developing countries

  • H?m Xåã NiSar

    Still is better then q mobile’s 5mp camera :v

  • Santhosh Kumar Baskaran

    Nokia.. You will never learn! U0001f612

  • Daxhing Fàwád Ans?ri

    ZaBaRDasT PRiCe Kya Hai IsKi

  • Atharv Yadav

    Is that thing needed???U0001f611U0001f611U0001f61d

  • Somraj Dhar

    tats luking pretty gud

  • Subham Gupta

    Suman Banik
    Aita dbo jannnn maa k…???

  • akashvshetty

    igyaan that’s pretty cool !! Nokia cameras are pretty good .and when will this be available?

  • Kavya Singh

    2 mp camera huh?

  • Bharat Waghela

    Dont go on design

  • Bharat Waghela

    Kavya Singh this is for u . U0001f60f

  • Muhmmad Zain