The Indian Railways Website Just Beat Flipkart and Amazon In Numbers

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The Indian Railways Website Just Beat Flipkart and Amazon In Numbers

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Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corp (IRCTC) has emerged as India’s biggest online marketplace, beating out competition from Flipkart, Amazon and the like. IRCTC generated a revenue of two hundred and six billion rupees ($3 billion) in their last financial year solely based on online sales; this number is almost double Filpkart’s yearly turnover.


IRCTC had an increase in their turnover as compared to the previous year by 34%, and this has probably been due to the fact that the website has taken steps in order to upgrade their otherwise slow interface this year. This resulted in a record of taking 1.34 million ticket reservations in one day.

“Bulk of the sales may be attributed to IRCTC’s rapid growth in e-ticketing which has been due to its interface and setting up of a very robust process,” said Sandip Dutta, IRCTC’s Public Relations Officer.

This speed has also been upgraded to book 7,200 tickets per minute as compared to the earlier 2,000 tickets per minute. With all these upgrades the battle between the three online e-commerce websites – Amazon, Flipkart and IRCTC, seems to have its final result. However, since IRCTC isn’t really in direct competition with either of the two; they have tied up with Amazon India for the next two years as its preferred shopping partner. More power to you Indian Railways.

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  • Rishi Singh

    Why there is no separate caunter for Plate form tickets in hazraat nizzamuddin station when I visited station master he said we don’t have enough staff..public is facing issue in buying pt from normal window because all general tickets are also sold from same window.

  • Lokusdesign

    Maybe e-commerce needs more moves to up its #disruption game!

  • Indian Railway is Just Great in Number’s Only and Poor in Quality

  • Siddharth Roy

    -_- only because the page expires or some other reason.. wish that page was simple rather than glowing tag lines

  • Srikanth Jamadagni

    Indian railways U0001f44cU0001f44d

  • Ashish Bhatnagar

    + unhe aur bechna hi kya hota hai siwaye tickets or train me khana pani ke :D :v

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  • Ramesh Ramanan

    I love Indian railways

  • Vishal Gusain

    and lost by a huge number in terms of consumer satisfaction

  • Ordain Singh

    ya some oelople have to use that site more than their fb.. lol… poor indian railway

  • Shiharan Choudhury

    Of course. Not often people purchase stuff compared to purchasing tickets. So nothing serious to jump off the chair. Keep Calm & Continue Travelling :-)

  • 1BillGates

    sureshpprabhu sir you are doing a good job sir.
    India is happy to have a rail minister like you.

  • apoorvsharma

    igyaan Good morning! They were never anywhere near. This is what happens when you don’t Google before you post ?

  • Prateek Bhaskar

    its obvious, railway isnt a small industry!

  • Tony P Francis

    Yup. Bcz a guy have to try atleast 10 times to book a ticket… :P :D

  • Varun Mohanty

    Bhai ..wo majboori me jaatein he hum wo website pe.. Shauk se nei.. U0001f602

  • Ananth Rangarajan

    This is not a surprise. Its the norm every year.