Apple Experimenting With Five Prototypes For the iPhone 7

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Apple Experimenting With Five Prototypes For the iPhone 7

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The iPhone 7 has not even been announced, and the the iPhone 6s released just a couple of months back. But, that does not stop users and tech fans to get preposterously curious about the next iPhone – the iPhone 7. So, there is good news for them – a new report suggests that Apple might be looking at five different prototypes this time, for the iPhone 7.

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The timeline for the iPhone goes somewhat like this – the iPhone 3GS was followed by the Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s which introduced Siri. The following year saw the iPhone 5 with a 4 inch screen and then came the revolutionary iPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch screen and the 6 Plus with a 5.5 inch display; after which we know about the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Now, returning back to the good news bit, Apple is also testing a bunch of new features on the prototypes; such as – testing a USB Type C port that supports headsets, wireless charging capabilities, fingerprint scanner within the phone’s display, multi-Touch Force, and maybe a dual camera set-up for the rear of the handset. There are also further reports that claim that Apple is experimenting with an AMOLED screen too. Apple has not confirmed anything yet, but until then let us hope that the iPhone 7 is another revolutionary smartphone.

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  • M Zeeshan Khan Jadoon

    When iphone 7 comes

  • Muhammad Azam

    It’s So hoot yr…..

  • Abhishek C Raveendra

    16GB , 32GB ,64GB ,128GB and 256GB or 8GB…?

  • Raju Radhakrishnan

    I hope they go back to 5s design … Not cz 6s design is bad but i loved my 5s more :)