Is Apple Maps a Better Choice Than Google Maps?

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Is Apple Maps a Better Choice Than Google Maps?

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The company introduced Apple Maps in 2012 and ushered in a series of glitches which involved the Madison Square Garden, New York being labelled as a ‘park space’ because of the word ‘garden’ in its name. However Apple acted promptly, fixed these goof-ups and now three years later Apple Maps has overtaken Google Maps as the most used navigation app on iPhones.

Even though Apple Maps lacks many features which Google Maps provides, users end up using the former more because it is already installed on their devices. Even if the phone has third party apps, Siri and Mail automatically take the user to Apple Maps. This, along with Apple’s efforts to improve the over-all experience of the app, has helped them get more users to choose Apple Maps over other options.


Google Maps, on the other hand, has not lagged behind either in improving itself. Starting last month, it now allows users to store maps and data on their phones to refer to it even without internet access. It also includes search tools for landmarks and business listings, transit maps that cover more region than Apple and options to exclude highways and toll roads.

As more and more iPhone users switch to Apple Maps, do you think Google Maps could be a better choice?

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Rosheena Zehra
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  • Nadim Farooqui

    Apple maps suck’s
    Google maps rocks

  • Aryan Agarwal

    I would say NO

  • Madhu Krishna

    I use Here Maps, better than apple and google maps…

  • Anshuman Shukla

    c’mon bharat u can do better than this

  • Harshvardhan Sinha

    Yeah they are better and will always be better for igyaan

  • Rishabh Garg

    Google maps far better , faster n accurate than apple maps

  • Indranil Chowdhury

    Nooooo…….Google Maps far better than Apple Maps atleast for me #PersonalOpinion

  • Mohit Gupta

    not at all

  • ??v??de? X??n?

    Apple map not work in India

  • ??v??de? X??n?

    Apple map not work in India

  • Mohit Zaveri

    Igyaan I dont agree with you

  • Ratnadeep Gaikwad

    I tried here maps in pune, but I found locations tagged at wrong locations so stopped using it.

  • Rajkiran Ravi

    Apple maps doesn’t work in Bangalore. Here maps is my choice.

  • Tito B-Positive Sharma

    What get f out of here

  • Shounak Shaha

    No way. The best maps is the rickshawala.

  • ankitrox11

    igyaan nope..!! Not at is not at all to rely upon.

  • subhramani

    igyaan Apple Maps works in India now? When I had my iPhone 5S last September, my entire area was called 4th Cross.

  • vyasaditya13

    igyaan yes at some point apple maps win the game but google maps are also handy to use for people on android and cant afford ios …

  • srivatsa224

    igyaan #GoogleMaps is best!!

  • Suraj Taneja

    no way apple maps are inaccurate

  • Saksham Bhati

    Not in india

  • Swarit Rehal

    Google maps are far better than Apple maps

  • Sistla Madhukar

    So is yours englishs xD

  • Manish K Singh

    Soch le phle kya bolna chaah rha hai..

  • Kalpesh Jain

    no ways .. google in maps

  • Rehan Ghoghari

    Go for Here Maps

  • Romelson Vicera

    Google maps is way better for me. Why would apple put maps app in ipad and ipod when they don’t even put gps in it.

  • Zain Gul

    Yes apple is best one

  • Mahesh Murugan

    Apple maps is a jokeU0001f602

  • Nafisa Neymar

    iphones are sucks

  • Nevil Patel

    Yes i have iPhone India maps not good guidance in Apple maps but like USA best maps in Apple maps U0001f60a

  • Ashutosh Ghate

    Atleast not yet for india apple maps support for india is still not available i sometimes prefer here maps which i use since nokia times and its guidance is amazing and used to work without internet unlike gmaps which recently got that feature

  • Harsh Jackson

    Nope google maps best..

  • Saurabh Mukhopadhyay

    No way … I’ve used AppleMaps, they aren’t even coming near to Google Maps (y)

  • Shubham Dhurve

    LOL No!
    Google Maps is way better than Apple maps.

  • Anmol Singh

    I dont think so google maps are better than apple maps