Vodafone’s 4G Finally Gets Launched in the Country

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Vodafone’s 4G Finally Gets Launched in the Country

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Vodafone is finally giving out an upgrade to 4G connection for its customers, along with a ‘Superfast 4G SIM’. They have also introduced a trial pack of 120MB for Rs.29 along with a 100% extra data for all 4G RED customers for 3 months. Vodafone’s 4G is claiming to support connectivity of WiFi for up to 10 devices and also promises to simplify the customer’s experience with a ‘same day doorstep’ post-paid delivery system and instant activation for those who want to change their SIM.

Vodafone 4G SIM

For a more detailed understanding of what the Vodafone 4G platform entails, we can tell you that the 4G LTE network runs on an 1800Mhz speed and can be accessed via any 4G enabled handsets available across the country. It will be launched in Kochi on the 14th of December 2015, making it the first telecom operator in Kerala to offer 2G/3G/4G services on its own convergent radio technology.

“Vodafone’s global expertise and experience of launching 4G across 19 countries gives us a better understanding of this technology and the needs of the 4G customer.” – says Sunil Sood MD & CEO of Vodafone, India.

Vodafone will initially roll out its 4G services in the metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangaluru and Kolkata. We all know that Vodafone is slightly late in the 4G scene, with Airtel currently in the lead. But, all the hype surrounding its delay and it finally seeing the light of day should be able to get the amount of traffic it is looking for. Let us hope that Vodafone is able to resolve all its issues ranging from call-drops to the late entry of 4G soon.

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  • Simon Renato Brown

    Vodafone are trying to rip me off. There sales team are crap and lied to me about getting more Internet for my same price plan now my phone bill has gone up and they have extended on my contract and also I was promised a call back from yesterday and still haven’t got one. #shiteservice

  • Aditya Kumar

    Vodafone in Gujarat very good service in 3G

  • Rahul Gahlawat

    Yes… They r costly nd still suck

  • Saurav Dutta

    I am from Guwahati (Assam) and here only Aircel has 4G that too in a limited area

  • Dhruv Sinha

    It will be too late after reliance jio launches 4g

  • Akshay Semwal

    ask them to run 2g properly frst 4g s way too far :/

  • shankarGurav

    Lot of problems nowadays with Vodafone 3G, which was known for best speed earlier. Vodafone intentionally made their 3G service slower???

  • shankarGurav

    thats why Vodafone 3G is dying and hardly breathing beyond 30-50kbps :-)

  • Raju Radhakrishnan

    Atleast provide the 3g services properly …..

  • Shreyas Prashanth

    No wait Reliance jio (4g) is yet to come within nxt 6 months.

  • Swapneel Bandiwadekar

    Toon late, really? We just have one player commercially selling 4G. People are sticking to Airtel because they don’t have any other options. Market doesn’t accept monopoly.

  • Devansh Thaker

    Wat happened Vodafone 4g you should launch in Gujarat too

  • Anosh Sequeira

    What’s the bet that Vodafone 3G will miraculous get slower prompting everyone to switch to 4g.

  • ensrpavan

    igyaan in some places like Amalapuram,yanam etc still didn’t have even 3g sir

  • Sohail Patel

    No service providers are rolling out 4G service in Gujarat.

  • Maaz Saif

    Tooo late for its own 4G in Dehradun

  • Aneel Kumar

    Vodafone 3G services are bad.Not at all the points you get the 3G for the places that they have mentioned as 3G circle.Airtel use to get 4G where as voda still in E. :(

  • Love_Rizwan

    igyaan When will it be launched in Delhi NCR? Any idea?

  • Rajat Mathur

    network to aata nhi ghnta 4g chlao :3

  • Nilashis Dutta

    in kochi till now. very slow

  • sadiq2709

    igyaan 100% correct.