Apple Launches Its Own Smart Battery Case For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

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Apple Launches Its Own Smart Battery Case For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

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iPhone users, your battery troubles might just be over because Apple just unveiled its own Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. This case will be available on the Apple online store and costs $99 which is approximately Rs.6,619. Apple says that this case can extend the iPhone’s battery life up to 18 hours of internet usage on LTE networks, up to 20 hours of video playback, and as much as 25 hours of increased talk time.

Apple iPhone Smart Battery Case

The Smart Battery Case is just like a regular case and thereby eliminating the inconvenience caused by a third party solution. It will be available in two colours – Charcoal and White with microfiber lining on the inside and silicone exterior. Looks and sounds very Apple Inc.

Apple Smart Battery Case

This Case will be charged via a standard Lightning port and will therefore be compatible with official docks so that users won’t have to carry around extra cables. You will also be able to charge your iPhone and the Battery Case simultaneously. Apple also further says, that when the Smart Case is in use, an “intelligent battery status” will be displayed on the iPhone’s lock screen and in its notification center. Trust Apple to create something as nuanced for its customers and users. However, as of now, there is no word on whether this device or its kind will be available for the other iPhones.

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    Kharidne wale tab bhi paglo ki tarah kharidte hain

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    Jivtesh Singh Malhotra hanji yr mast chiz h yr to

  • Ratnadeep Gaikwad

    First make that IPhone thin by keeping a small battery size. So that later people will buy a battery case.
    Apple, you should try making the OS more efficient if you really care about the consumer.

  • Dushyant Singh Choudhary

    Agar 70000 ka phone lene k baad bhi battery case kharidna pade, toh soch lo phone m hi kuch gadbad h. Battery m nahi.

  • Ayush Kothari

    Apple is a big brand …..
    But they should innovate more and focus on their pricing and mainly on the 4.7 inch version …
    Better battery and better Camera features ….

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    Prabhjeet Singh = jiju dis is wot now you need to have…
    Apki calling dekh li hai maine.

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    Kshitij Singh Kushwah mast hai yaar

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    Make a slim iPhone>fu*k battery>make a thick battery case >$$$$$

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    here we go . apple made what nokia made in 1994 . U0001f44fU0001f44fU0001f44fU0001f44f

  • Manuraj Subramanian

    and that will cost as much as KILLER flashship Android..!

  • Sagar Rupani

    I love apple but this case looks hideous!

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    After Steve jobs passed , apple has been designing crap stuffs !
    Shame on u apple

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    Everything is smart when it comes to apple.

  • Prince Jeevan Batla

    When it will come for 6 plus and 6S plus?

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    Powered by Fiza Arif ? Sam Malik ????____
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