Over 70% Android Users Run an OS Which is More Than 2 Years Old

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Over 70% Android Users Run an OS Which is More Than 2 Years Old

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Google revealed earlier this week that 71.6% of Android users are still using the pre-Lollipop version of the OS. The divisions are as follows: 36.6% of devices are still running Android 4.4 KitKat, while a 26.9% of users are still running various versions of Jelly Bean. While the latter was released in 2012 and hasn’t seen an update since October 2013, the former first arrived two years ago.Google Android OS

As for iOS users, a huge 70% of them are  running iOS 9 which came out only in September this year. Additionally, iOS 8 is being used to run about 92% Apple devices, an OS released not more than 16 months ago.

Though Android 6.0 Marshmallow has enough things to like about it, many users will have to wait another couple of months before they are able to run it on their devices. The contrast between iOS and Android updates offers an interesting picture. Perhaps the inertia and stagnation which sets in once the users become accustomed to running a specific OS makes them shy away from updates. Other than the availability of the OS what else do you think could keep users away from updating their Android devices?

Source: BGR

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  • Kalpesh Jain

    and a phone which is latest irony .. iphone is just opp old phones new software

  • Himanshu Balayan

    Oem comany dont gives updates

  • Chetan Shinde

    Even when it is a 2 year old android phone, it still runs stable for a long run.
    For Tech Savvy person, 2 year old android phone can be rooted and custom roms can be installed.
    For a everyday guy, 2 year old android phone will work fine with a factory reset.
    For a user who only does calls and click pictures, seriously, even jelly bean is fine for this.
    I am using a phone which runs rom based on 4.4.4 Kitkat , still today, my requirements are met and my two year old phone runs just fine. :P

  • Sandeep Singh

    And mine is 3 years old got Samsung galaxy s duos in December 2012. No updates provided by Samsung

  • Xtyloz Azeew

    Lol and 2 year old os can run latest andriod apps, only change interface of new os.

  • Sai Ram Mateti

    Come on man. I am still using pentium 3 and win2k OS. Who cares!

  • Sapeksh Kanojia

    Thats why custom roms are the best ??

  • Surajit Das

    Because new os power not save.. :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Ishaan Shreekant

    On Marshmallow. :p

  • Bikram Singh

    And still advance enough to perform all the tasks.

  • Sarthak Kundu

    Atleast i run Lollipop …..

  • Burhan Khan

    100% iphone users are using 8 years old OS with new version numbers

  • Axee Khan

    This is the biggest drawback for Android devices

  • AJ RàNá

    i have mmx A1 with 6.0 ;)

  • Viral Vaidya

    OEMs don’t want to update older device so that they can sell new ones….. simple….

  • Nikhil Goel

    It’s just bcoz companies don’t even think of upgrading devices..

  • Atharv Yadav

    OK I m one of those .5% ..U0001f60fU0001f60f

  • Akash Kumar

    Bt these are working great without vender should lunch new versions..

  • Satyarthsinh Rathod

    See ur PC first

  • Nischal S

    How can 92% run ios 8, when there are 70% running latest ios 9?
    Didn’t understand this pointU0001f61e

  • Prince Singh

    blame OEM,not android

  • b_bhatt

    igyaan Android bcoz everybody can not afford nexus or moto.

  • Naman Bali

    whatev ..I couldn’t care less

  • Abhishek C Raveendra

    1 year old… it’s WP8.1 update 1

  • Mohit Punjabi

    Thanks to micromax, xolo and others….

  • Hatred Pride

    That is the fault of the oem not the users!

  • Krishna Aditya

    And even with that 2 year old os it still can beat ios lol. U0001f602

  • Naman Bali

    1 year and 2 year..get it?!

  • Abhishek C Raveendra about 85% of Windowsphones are running the O.S which is 1 year old

  • Saurabh Kushwaha

    Ask those who r still using Nokia 1100 ,…U0001f609