Ex-BlackBerry CEO Lands Another Company in Trouble, Gets Sued For It

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Ex-BlackBerry CEO Lands Another Company in Trouble, Gets Sued For It

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If you thought you were having it rough today, think again. Turns out that ex-BlackBerry CEO Torsten Heins just can’t seem to catch a break – even at his new job as CEO of a wireless charging technology company called Powermat Technologies. Heins, who left BlackBerry back in 2013 after overseeing the gigantic failure of the BlackBerry 10, is now being sued at his new workplace by three members of his own board for allegedly “operating without an approved budget and steering the business into insolvency.”

In fact, one of the three members is Powermat Technologies very own founder and former CEO Ran Poliakine. The suit alleges that Heins and three other executives have created “serious trust crisis” by running the company without an approved budget. Of course, Heins and his fellow executives have denied the allegations.


“Powermat is optimistic that the court will see through the substantial misstatements and malicious half-truths leveled by the former CEO and allow the company to continue the substantial progress it has made over the past year,” the company said in a statement sent to Business Insider.

The lawsuit was filed in October and there has been no progress since then. It will be interesting to know how Heins will try get out of this one. It’s sufficient it to say that the past few years have not been kind to the man.

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