iPhone 6s Gets an 11K Price Cut in India

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iPhone 6s Gets an 11K Price Cut in India

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We hate to say,”we told you so”, but the cat is out of the bag. It is no big secret that India was one of the most expensive places in the world just two months ago if you were planning to buy the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. But as predicted by iGyaan a couple of weeks ago, the iPhones have undergone significant fall in pricing.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, launched with a starting price of Rs. 62,000 and going up to a Rs. 92,000, were much costlier than the same products in the American and European markets. The prices have now come down significantly, especially after a decline in the demand in the country.

The iPhone 6s shows a whopping price drop of Rs.11,000. There is a fall in prices of the iPhone 6s Plus as well but this isn’t as drastic as the 6s. Also, what is surprising is that the cheapest iPhone 6s Plus is the rose gold variant at a price of about Rs. 65,000 and Rs. 84,000  from its earlier Rs. 72,000 and Rs. 92,000 respectively. The rose gold variant was the most popular option for pre-order globally, but clearly it didn’t go down too well with Indian consumers.

Additionally,  the iPhone 5s which was launched last year in 2014, is being sold at a price lower than most of the places in the world. The phone now falls in the mid-range price bracket with a price close to 20K.

Looks like there has never been a better time to buy iPhones in India.


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Rosheena Zehra
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  • Tushar Agarwal

    Manik Bajaj hahahahahaha xD

  • Mayank Jetly

    Tell me when the iPhone 6 will be as cheap as moto g or Samsung j

  • Vikram Surendra

    Still the price model costs 52k.. which is too high

  • Mohammed Adnan Qadri

    Now thats what i was talking about ! U0001f602

  • Nithyanand Mudaliar

    Does this apply to authorised Apple stores , apparently they sell Apple products at original MRP rates

  • Gaurav Mehta

    Still not worth buying

  • Bikram Singh

    still overpriced, still worthless

  • Daman Sondhi

    Abhi bhi mujhe ek kidney bechni padegi

  • Prakash Rao

    Ek kidney Bach gaya.

  • Harinath Srinivas

    Tell me when it reaches 11k :p

  • Musa Khan

    Its about 65k in india

  • Rafay Khan

    Maheen Siraj Musa Khan dekhe

  • Kaushal Jhobalia

    The manufacturing cost is close to rs 11k

  • Mayank Gupta

    Keshvi Behl, here is your chance.

  • Rajat Tomar

    Shivam Agarwal farq ni is pdta bhai

  • Paxal Doshi

    7 lakhs? Which world, bro?

  • Yash Garg

    Mayur Dhaka wassupdog

  • ImJC

    Am using  Coolpad straight after iphone 6 and it feels great keeping aside being a bit bulky.

  • Pavitra Shukla

    I can rather buy a coolpad for 9k with a fingerprint sensor and still have 16gb internal memory

  • Aaditya Gupta

    Nahi bhai raahu de! Aditya Amin

  • Sagar Soni

    Abhi sirf 1 kidney bachni padegi Jigar Ramin

  • Jigar Ramin

    Sagar Soni kidney kaab beech raha hai tu

  • Lalit Kultham

    Akshay Kultham Davinder Kultham
    I told you

  • Priyank Chandgadhhiya

    abhi kuch puchna hi nai hai:P

  • Aditya Amin

    Going on 3 done 3 to go..
    Chem on Saturday Priyank..
    Abhi pc me aa pinki..!!

  • Aditya Amin

    Aaditya maybe this should affect the prices more..!!!

  • Aditya Amin

    Nope bro planning U0001f601 Priyank

  • ImJC

    few moments of silence for people who blame Samsung for reducing prices unlike Apple :P . Compare the prices of Note 3 vs iphone 5s launched around the same time where Note 3 was 7-8k lesser than a 5s but  selling for more today !

  • Rohit Rawal

    lele ab Tushar Nasha

  • Aditya Amin

    I got the 6s in same price???
    Gulf countries ??? Priyank

  • Abhik RoyChowdhury

    still I can’t find a crap to give… -_-

  • Samruddha Tadmare

    Iphone 5s is good. Rs21k only

  • Suraj Sharma

    Bhanu Thakur le le ab bhai

  • Mobile Kitaab

    Price reduction seems to be a bit late, had it been launched at this price it would have been a better buy.

  • Kartik Gulati

    U0001f613U0001f613U0001f613bhai let’s not talk abt this. Bura lagta hai

  • Sameeruddin Akhtar

    Wow just foolish people stil buy for above 50k phne n stil for thm it doesn’t matter

  • Priyank Chandgadhhiya

    Aditya Amin :P

  • Vivek Vaidya

    Aditya Chinchure :P

  • Sethi Saab

    Wahi purani chutiya marketing strategies pehele 700000 ka fone kar do fer bc use 60000 pe le aao or rola paa do humne 10000 kam kar diye …. Atleast apne customers ka chutoya to na banao jonhone 10000 jada pay kiye hai

  • Ryan Castelino

    Jas Parekh bhai lele

  • Swapnil Arya

    Even my driver said that the price will drop in a few months…so there’s nothing to brag about that ” igyaan predicted the price drop”…Dats funny..!..

  • Shantanu Sharma

    the day is not far when islaves will buy the ishit and say its made by apple and its better then other shits

  • Vai Negi

    I don’t think price cut matters to islaves dey r just happy to throw money

  • Kamal Sharma

    Davinder Singh rukja thoda time

  • Shantanu Sharma

    Chetan Shinde bro abs right… the pricing is horrendous….

  • Rizwan Azad

    How does one justify a phone with Base model of 16GB internal storage for a price above 50k? No matter how good the phone may be technologically but the new pricing is still ridiculous!!

  • Dushyant Singh Choudhary

    Still no one buying. ;)

  • RohIt WadhwAni

    Riya Bhatia :p

  • Chetan Shinde

    and two mins silence who still think to but it.

  • Nidhi Sharma

    I don’t have a 6S. Mine is an iphone 6 :P

  • Satvik Khare

    such an exorbitant amount….

  • Arrya Adhikari

    Nidhi Sharma XD

  • Himanshu Aronya

    Gaurav Sahu yaha bhi sasta ho gaya

  • Šantosh Narapareddy

    Is this official price cut or esellers offering that?

  • Raju Radhakrishnan

    Biju Radhakrishnan i lost my money :(

  • Sudhir Dudeja

    Hardeep Singh agar nahi liya to ruk ja thoda time

  • Varun Thakur

    Abhi b iphone6 ki aukaat se zyada hai iska price

  • Aashish Arora

    Sham ko chalte hai aaj

  • Amber Sehgal

    Bhai jab tu leke dede muje jaldi nhi hai koi

  • Aashish Arora

    Kab le raha hai fir Amber??

  • Saurabh Patni

    Siddhanth Lodha hahaha lol

  • Shantanu Sharma

    and 2 min silence for those who bought it early

  • Anup Mali

    Iphone 6 is flop..

  • Mohammed Waseem

    It is called BRAND GAME’$

  • Vasantha Kumar B

    Eventhough 11000 pricecut is not a adequate cost to buy the 6s…16 gb is very worst in production.