Netflix May Finally Launch in India

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Netflix May Finally Launch in India

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Popular video-streaming service Netflix is finally going to come to India, according to reports by Hindu Business Line. The announcement of Netflix in India will likely be made at the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show 2016 that will take place in the coming weeks. Netflix has been eying India for a while now, but did not make any headway due to piracy and slow internet speeds in the country.

Now, it looks like the company is ready to launch its service in the country and will tie up with an Indian telecom company for its 4G network. Presumably, this company will be Airtel as currently it is the only operator in the country that has made its mark in the 4G domain, though Reliance is joining in too, having launched its 4G service for its employees just last week.


Netflix is a subscription-based service where one can stream television programmes and movies legally. The service is well established in over 50 countries with around 62 million subscribers. The company has also expressed interest in entering Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea markets by early 2016. We’ll have to wait and see if fans in India will finally be able to enjoy binging on their favourites shows on Netflix soon.

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  • Chirag Gangwani

    They would censor everything U0001f612

  • Kamal Wadhwa

    Finally! Netflix n Chill. Ohh wait TRAI version of Net Neutrality or our Government would probably block it :P

  • Shubham Pawar

    Shreya Manna… Netflix n’ chill? :p

  • Sanam Deep

    All we need is better broadband plans in jammu

  • Sanam Deep

    Lmao true that!

  • Sanam Deep

    Bunty Don

  • Md Nawed

    YouTube compresses video too

  • Yogeshwar Reddy

    Please google the term HEVC , Netflix uses it . it reduces data around 50-60% So a 1 Gb content compresses to 500 to 600 mb . So it will work way efficient than YOUTUBE :)

  • Ankit Kaushik

    One hour of hd content on netflix will consume more than 4-5 Gb of data. Netflix offers true hd videos of 1080p

  • Md Nawed

    Watch 1hr of HD content in Netflix and you have like consumed more than 2GB of data

  • Yogesh Jatav

    10 mbps unlimited only for 1000 swiftnet broadband and ha mtnl sucks

  • Mandar Akre

    You can still watch it on Google Cromecast with some tweaks in your router ……. I had no issues watching it on MTNL 1 Mbps … so i dont think Most of us will have issues playing it.

  • Neel Here

    2 minutes of silence for those people who don’t know what’s Netflix

  • Aniket Godbole

    I just hope they don’t put up saas-bahu serials under that’ll be just sad.

  • Saksham Sharma

    Imagining 4K streaming with baseplans (baseplans cost over 1K easily though XD)

  • Rohit Sakhrani

    Sure with such fup limits 90gb 8mbps

  • Mohamed7Salman

    igyaan well we can see it in 240p

  • Shawn D’silva

    No thanks,i have my torrents lol

  • Ankit Kaushik

    Isproviders should provide better plans. With no FUP limits and plans with atleast 8mbps of speed. This 512kbps wont help then

  • Sanku Murmu


  • Aak Jaiswal

    Jaldi kar lol Netflix

  • Garima Pal

    Yayyyy. Finally :’)

  • Rishab Mallick

    Finally can text “Netflix n Chill?” :3

  • Md Nawed

    Wish we had better data plans… U0001f623

  • srsm2k10

    igyaan wish you happy newyear