Pricing of the New Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Revealed

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Pricing of the New Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Revealed

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We cannot stop talking about the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge all set to be unveiled on 21st February. The S7 frenzy is churning out rumours endlessly and here is the latest from the front.

A spec sheet put up on Weibo has revealed the expected pricing of the two smartphones. The 21 GB S7 is expected to be priced around $755 (close to Rs. 50,000), while the 32 GB S7 Edge will cost about $863 (close to Rs. 58,000). The 64 GB variant would cost about $85 (close to Rs.5,700) more than the price tag of the 32 GB variant. Samsung Galaxy S7 Spec Sheet WeiboThe spec sheet also reveals 12 MP main camera with f/1.7 lens, and 4 GB RAM for the two devices. We recently did a round-up of all the rumours of the S7 devices so far. Find out specs and other details of Samsung’s flagship smartphones on iGyaan and watch this space for the latest updates on S7 and S7 Edge.

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  • Ahmed Imran

    Same iPhone Copy

  • raghaf2007

    it’s confusing…. use the word “rumour” in the title…. i thought pricing is revealed by samsung official

  • Chaitanya Pandey

    Seriously these companies are looting with their over-priced devices.

  • tambe_shantanu

    igyaan samsung 64gb variety for 5,700rs ? Lol I’ll but it U0001f602 Djkrimp

  • Amardeep Singh

    Fuddu phone….heating issues….
    very very happy….that I bought honor 7….

  • BIllJunior

    Vandana20 more megapixels does not mean better camera or image quality

  • Nikhil Banger

    Yeah 50 thousand at launch and half the price in 3 months :p

  • I was hoping they will make camera quality better than S6+ But i am disappointed now.

  • Tejit Sampat

    Any idea about the release date of note 6?

  • Sajid Khan Msk

    Sab sa Pala M logee

  • Yogesh Sharma

    And better depth of field, good for bokeh lover.

  • Rajan Singh

    If the rumour is true, the f/1.7Aperture is first in smartphones…leading to a great low-light capability and a breakthrough in smartphone camera technology! :)