This Wearable Will Track Your Emotions and Stress Levels

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This Wearable Will Track Your Emotions and Stress Levels

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Taking mood-rings to the next level is this new awesome wristband by Sentio Solutions. It’s called Feel and it helps the user stay updated about their emotional state. It may not change colours, but hey, it has so much more to offer.

With the help of sensors on its inner-side, Feel tracks and meaures your pulse rate, body temperature and galvanic response using sweat glands on the skin and their behaviour under different conditions. It gets connected to the user’s phone via Bluetooth and provides real-time information about your moods.Feel Wristband

This information can also be presented in the form of graphs, suggesting patterns of the mood during the course of a day. The graphs, in turn, lets the user determine what are the most stressful periods of the day and so on and so forth.

Feel also gives tips and pointers on how to reduce stress through Yoga, meditation or breathing exercises. The user is reminded to take deep long breaths during moments of high stress. In some cases, like moments of anger during anger, Feel would give a real-time alert in the form of a vibration which according to George Eleftheriou, the co-founder and CEO, is enough to calm the user down.

The flexible wrist-bank comes in a sleek, inconspicuous design which fits well with all kinds of individual stylistic preferences. It is priced at $199 (about Rs.13,000) and will be available for $149 (about Rs.10,000) on pre-order. Feel will be up for pre-order this spring and is expected to arrive in December. Log on to the official website for more details.

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    is 10k or 20k

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    One day there will be devices to track all your emotions and when you would feel like to hurt someone you would be nabbed.

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    Srotoswini Sarkar get one of these