Samsung Galaxy S7 to Have Apple’s ‘Live Photos’-Like Feature

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Samsung Galaxy S7 to Have Apple’s ‘Live Photos’-Like Feature

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One of the coolest, and most loved things about the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus when it launched was the inclusion of Live Photos. A really fun feature to use, it helps you click photos with short video clips just, and after the photo so that you can immerse yourself in the emotion of the photograph whenever you look at it.


It’s a fun feature, but not something ground-breaking that we expected Android to bring to their devices, but such is the lack of ingenuity in the smartphone market these days that we have Samsung’s already porting the idea on to their next flagship.


According to reports, Samsung is planning to bring a Live Photos-like feature to the Galaxy S7 under the name of Vivid Photos. But, Samsung’s version will be a bit different than Apple’s offering. Vivid Photos will not capture sound, but only the image. These images will be saved as GIFs, and will be particularly of interest to users who’ve struggled to upload Live Photos on Facebook.  Let’s see if Vivid Photos works as well for Samsung as Live Photos did for Apple.


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  • Sanket Thakkar

    Actually live photos originally brought by Nokia in its Lumia phones. Though Lumia phones were not so success like iPhone, hence no one has noticed it except lumia owners. So pls don’t spread wrong information. Apple has not brought it as always.

  • Tania Kosar

    Price kia hai

  • Abhishek Mehta

    Ready to make fun again of poor samsuck

  • Suresh Bhati

    Are u ready ? Are you ready … Ohhh shikara ra ra ra ra ra

  • Nikhil Bhat

    Ouch Ankit Rawat Parth Dhankar Vishal Mahalwal Keshav Panwar

  • Gowtham Sekar

    i just dont wanna tap hold like a stupid! I want it like the Lumias; just open it; it comes to life;

  • Sadananda Aithal

    Samsung Galaxy S4 had “sound and shot” + “Animated photos” . HTC had Zoe. Nokia Lumia had “Living images”.
    But, yes. Samsung “borrows” live photos from Apple.

  • Nevin Joseph Morrison

    Didn’t the Galaxy s4 already have this like 3 years back?

  • Shreyas Mims

    Aren’t you tired of tagging ppl? That to stupid stuff

  • Awasthî Shußham

    “Living Image” belongs to Lumia. Apple just copied!

  • Shubham Kumar Nayak

    and Apple borrowed live photos from Lumia……….

  • Shreyash Pattewar

    Evn My camera has that feature.. Jst stop crediting to apple.!!

  • Samarth Suresh

    Shreyas MimsKundi Shriram Iyer Shreyas Mims

  • Priyank Mavani

    Apple ripped the feature from HTC. HTC has Zoe (live photos) since 2013!

  • Siddharth Kumar

    Actually live photos concept was ther on android…. I know some and roid phones used to have that

  • Abhishek Bhatnagar

    Bas karo yaar. HTC had ‘zoe’ from 2013.

  • Abhishek Mishra

    apple to borrow oled frm samsung