India Has Most Selfie Related Deaths than Any Other Country in the World

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India Has Most Selfie Related Deaths than Any Other Country in the World

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Why the selfie-parade, o people of social media? According to an article in the Washington Post, of the 27 officially recorded selfie-related deaths, almost half happened in India.

Yes, we are a country which has a very tech savvy Prime Minister, with various active social media accounts. PM Modi’s selfie-love is no big secret and now it looks like Indians are taking it a little too seriously. Narendra Modi Selfie

Three girls were swept into the Arabian Sea while they tried to click a selfie on a rock. One of the girls, and a man who dived in to rescue them, were later reported dead. Following this, Mumbai now has specifically marked “no selfie zones” in the city.

Similarly, the Kumbh ka Mela was another potential site for selfie-disasters last year. Authorities feared that selfie-groups at hugely crowded affair might cause blockages and congestion triggering stampedes.Selfie stick

The selfie-obsession has seen a phenomenal growth ever since its recent arrival. Social networking had brought huge attention to physical appearance. One fine day, people woke up to realise that no other person could make them look their best in their pictures -and hello, selfies.

Thus began a pageant of duck-faces and pouts and squinted-eyes (the latest fad in the selfie-world, in case you were wondering). Leave a toddler with a device with a front camera, and they would never be in want of anything else.

But don’t let any of this stop you from fluttering your eye-lashes in front of a selfie-snapper. Bring out that selfie-stick already, just make sure to keep yourself safe and alive, is all.


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Hitesh Mahajan

population jaldi kam hoga :)

Gursimran Singh

Maine bhi share kiya tha ye

Ronit Dias

That’s because our country is filled with idiots.

Bhushan Dond

India mein jo bhi karte hai woh saala over karte hai
Chahe woh bacche paida karna ho yaa fir selfie kheechna :/

Pooja Rajput

Hahahaha..koi na last moment pe bhi ek selfie lungi

Monu Sharma

Pooja Rajput tere liye warning hai :D

Shibin Judah Paul

Waleed H Mukadam reminds me of the picture back in goa when we thought there was a tiger amidst the trees. Good thing we rann.

Ishtiyaq Shareef

our indian P.m is himself crazy about selfies U0001f601U0001f602