WhatsApp Will Soon Become Totally Free

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WhatsApp Will Soon Become Totally Free

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WhatsApp, the $19 billion messaging service is dropping its $1 annual fee. Yes, the messaging service giant wants to reach out to the entire human population now. Founder Jan Koum explained that although the $1 fee isn’t much and there are millions who use the messaging service – that made the traditional SMS obsolete – there are still many who aren’t using WhatsApp, especially those without access to card payments.

The change takes effect from today, and will be a week or two until it reaches everywhere across all versions of the app. This news, however, has raised a lot of concerns among people. The main question was how WhatsApp will earn now that it’s lost its revenue stream. Naturally, the speculations lead towards advertisements.

But before you begin to panic, WhatsApp has stated that advertisements are not coming, claiming that “we will test tools that allow you to use WhatsApp to communicate with businesses and organizations that you want to hear from.” WhatsApp is likely to slowly take over other functions of your phone (it already has voice calling for one) in a bid to make itself more relevant and practical for users. We’ll just have to wait and see what WhatsApp plans for its future.

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  • Emaan Ali

    its just a fun guysU0001f61c

  • Humza Qureshi

    We’re aware they don’t charge for their service atleast in India, for the rest of the world they charge a $1. The intention of removing the fee is to earn more money through other means. They still insist they won’t have Ads, but I’m sure whatever they’re planning, the customers won’t be happy with that…

  • Naveen Krishnan

    Árllanki Balkri?hna just uninstall and install..

  • Osama Mirza

    It is :p

  • Árllanki Balkri?hna

    how we will extend

  • LX Chakma

    They mean it will not cost any data while sending msgs or photos.

  • Naveen Krishnan

    It’s already free,, keeps extending before it expires..

  • Sushant Bhatia

    I don’t know if anyone has ever actually paid for WhatsApp.

  • Syed Saim

    ? ?
    ? Hum Shareef Kia Howe Sari Duniya He Badmash Ban Gai ?
    ? Awais Ch ?