Apple iPhone 7 to be Li-Fi Ready?

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Apple iPhone 7 to be Li-Fi Ready?

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After the removal of the 3.5mm jack, and the addition of a new ‘whole body’ speaker system for their new iPhone, Apple is looking to bring some more out of the box creativity to their next phone.

According to reports, Apple is looking at exploring Li-Fi feasibility in the next iteration of the iPhone. This was first reported by a user on Twitter when he spotted ‘Li-Fi Capability’ mentioned in the code of iOS 9.1. This could be an indication that Apple is already testing Li-Fi for its next handset.



Li-Fi is a technology capable of transmitting data via light. What makes Li-Fi so compelling is that it’s more effective than Wi-Fi and can transmit data more than 100 times faster than a standard Wi-Fi connection.The tech uses smart LED light bulbs that flash on and off very quickly, faster than a human eye would be able to see and sends binary information through this blinking.

It can’t be said for sure that Apple will include Li-Fi in its next phone, but if it does, it will herald a new beginning, one that will be full of light, and fast speed wireless data internet.

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  • Ansh Nangia

    somebody please suggest me best phone under 20k range.. please please please

  • Karan Nair

    In simple words father of wifi U0001f61c

  • Uday Kumar

    People start asking “is Li-Fi ready” when Apple comes with an invention..! But they don’t condemn the same with Samsung when they’re planning for 5G network already in their next flagship smartphones..!
    Li-Fi has rumors but 5G doesn’t ..! ??

  • Hassaan Khan

    Saad Khan. Kia chah rahay hain Cupertino walay?

  • Akshat Saluja

    In simplest of simplest terms WiFi through lights at your home/workplace

  • Keshav Sharma

    If that happens then expect Samsung to provide the same in their next flagship :3 -_-

  • Sanjeev R Aher

    For those who don’t know what lifi is here you go

  • Dorjee Dadul Genxapa

    Say waaat. .!

  • Raksheet Chawathe

    In simple words: nope

  • Harsh Joshi

    is Li-fi ready but? :-P