Xiaomi Mi 5 and Redmi Note 3 Will Come to India

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Xiaomi Mi 5 and Redmi Note 3 Will Come to India

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Xiaomi is trying to get as many of its devices as it can in India. The company’s India head Manu Jain said that new products are bound for India, but the Mi TV will not be one of that.

Jain expressed the importance of bringing Xiaomi’s products to India, stating that the company completely supports the ‘Make in India’ program and is looking for new partnerships to boost its presence.

Last year, Xiaomi got too few products in India and even fewer smartphones. Other than the Mi 4i and Mi Band, India received only upgraded versions of earlier phones. Devices like the Mi Note and Mi Note did not make it into the Indian markets. However, Jain has announced that the Redmi Note 3 and the Mi 5 will be available in India.

Mi 5 01

“With the new products coming up for Xiaomi, a lot of hard-work has gone in, both from the China teams and India teams. We are working very hard to ensure that the time gap between the two launches is reduced. Of course, some gap is to be expected between given that to launch a new device in India, we need to get certifications, clearances,” said Jain.

So for those in India who’ve been hearing a lot about the upcoming Mi 5 flagship and have been excited all through, will soon be able to get their hands on the device as Xiaomi plans to bring it to India soon enough.

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  • ThiLak Tlk

    Note 3 pro ^^

  • KIsh O Re

    Redmi note 3 confirmed snapdragon 650 and 4000mah battery

  • Ali Ahmed

    This is being said from last 6 months

  • Magesh Sridhar

    When they are launching the mi pad 2?

  • Sharath Babu

    Waiting for mi5

  • Manoj Kumar Singh

    Thanks waiting badly for mi5

  • Rähúl Kãshýâþ

    Any news regarding redmi 3?

  • ThiLak Tlk

    Yes… I knw..

  • manulal7

    igyaan What about Redmi 3?

  • Vivek Rawat

    They will launch pro only….they have already disclosed about snapdragon 650 chipset and 16MP camera in their Mi India Page…have a look

  • Abhishek Madhvi

    Any one know date?

  • PratapRahar

    igyaan What price of #Redmi Note 3 can be in India? Waiting eagerly U0001f60a
    XiaomiIndia xiaomi

  • Gowtham Ram

    It would be an option if they bring it within weeks from. Launch the mi5 not like the mi4 4 months after

  • Akash Raj

    This is old news, tell us when they are coming.

  • Priyadarshan Pandey

    Realist, not a pessimist

  • Ashish Mahaur

    Priyadarshan Pandey die you negative mi fan

  • Priyadarshan Pandey

    2-3 months lgaenge ye launch krne me

  • Mallikarjuna Chowdary

    where is letv le 1s full review ??

  • ThiLak Tlk

    No note3.. Only pro we want.. If they launch 3.. Then price of pro will be higher

  • Sanku Murmu

    which year ?

  • Sagar Bagwe

    Tell them we dpnt want plastic 5 inch device we want what they hide from us 6o incher MI TV

  • Dilshan Singh Sandhu

    What about Redmi 3

  • Vishnu Jyothi

    They’ll come by March! :P

  • Ankur Tulsyan

    Its like “Mere karan Arjun aayege” U0001f605

  • vynyth

    igyaan Redmi note is easily made available but not mi Note. This is clearly dumping shits in India. Lets see what LeTv does.

  • Pratyush Yadav

    Thnx god finally….

  • Abhisek Padhi

    Isn’t that obvious ? They will come eventually