Netflix Wants to be a Premium Service Provider in India

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Netflix Wants to be a Premium Service Provider in India

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Netflix has made comments which are bound to ruffle some feathers across the country. The company declares that it aims to be a premium service provider, not meant for the average consumer in India.

“We are after a small base of English-speaking people, who travel abroad, are wealthy and want to watch the latest shows that are being launched in the US,” said a senior Netflix executive.

The company has made sure that payment of its services can only be made through a credit card, already putting a filter for the choice of its users. Netflix launched in India last month with the Basic plan that costs Rs. 500 per month, and the Premium one which is priced at Rs. 800 per month. Users can try the service for free for the first one month by signing up at

Modeling itself as a premium brand is undoubtedly a tried and tested marketing strategy. At the expense of being dubbed as elitist, brands all over have tried similar tactics, and it has worked wonders for them -Apple being an example. Let’s see how the Indian consumer reacts to this. Let us know what you think of this move by Netflix in the comments below.

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  • Sannik Dey

    If they want to be premium service provider in India..then they have to reduce their subscription charges for common Indians. -_-

  • readgluttony

    prashantjayant kya karega subscribe karke. Status quo is better for us.

  • gaaneshmandke
  • Rohan Adsur

    If they’re looking for premium users, Okay, I’m ditching my plan this coming month, and again I’m going to start my free “PopcornTime” subscription… ;D

  • Suhas Rao

    Using Netflix from past 20 months. Netflix and Chill

  • Swagat Mishra

    not, until isp provide reliable cheap internet plan