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Spice Mi 410 Full Review

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The Mi 410 is the first attempt from Spice to attack the 1 GHZ smartphone market in India. Possibly the only phone to offer these specs at a pretty decent price. Lets look into the Spice MI 410 carefully.




The Spice MI 410 is built to last, metal accents and a full metal back cover,  a metal frame and solid construction make the Mi 410 an extremely robust device. The volume rocker and the power button are flush with the device and highly tactile. The screen is also scratch resistant, but its no gorilla glass.

The device or its internals don’t  shake or rattle and the phone is like one solid piece of hardware. Talking about hardware, lets look at the specs.


Processor 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255
Flash ROM 2GB eMMC
Ram 512MB
Dimensions 122X 66X 9.9 mm
Weight 143 gm
Display 4.1-inch Capacitive Touch Screen , 800 X 480 WVGA
Camera 5 MP rear with HD Video, 0.3MP front
Battery 1400 mAH
Talk Time Upto 380 Mins GSM , Upto 300 Mins (3G)
Standby Time Upto 300 Hours
Network Quad band GSM , Tri-band 3G, HSDPA/HSUPA , up to 14.2 Mbps
Connect Bluetooth v2.1 EDR
Other Supports Flash 10.1
Price Rs. 14,000/-


Design on the Mi410 is pretty good too with a flat slab/tablet type structure on the device. It one of those designs that may not appeal to all in the beginning, but grows on you as you begin to use the device. Honestly, it kind of reminds us of end 2010 HTC phones, with really prominent edges.


The rear camera on the Mi410 is a 5MP autofocus camera which does a good job of focusing, you can actually see the camera move when its trying to focus, making it an exceptionally great autofocus mechanism. It also utilized 4 point metering to gain a focus point allowing it to be accurate in most situations, indoor, outdoor or night mode.

Video quality is also decent with jitter free recording and smooth capture. While in video mode the zoom option while recording is missing, but was not quite missed.

The screen is nice and vivid and has a comparatively large ppi at 227.55 ppi. With a native resolution of 480×800 pixels making it a very good display. We have no complaints with the display and in-fact were quite happy with it. The screen is good for watching videos and browsing the internet. The ppi is rich enough for reading books, documents and articles without trouble. Let us remind you that its no retina display, but its possibly one of the best resolutions you can get for the price.

The inclusion of stereo speakers caught our attention at the get go. Its surprising the kind of sound you can get from these speakers. In a normally quiet environment the speakers are sufficient for watching videos and movies. The speakers are loud and clear with accurate channel mapping.

The touch screen on the Mi410 seems like a bother initially, after a bit of playing around we found out that the maximum issue is with the lock screen, where the screen response seems to be less, it also seems like a software glitch, as we upgraded to 2.3 the touch sensitivity issue reduced significantly, but is still there. Pinch to zoom and scrolling work fine and are not affected by the issue.

The included earphones are simply ordinary and don’t expect much from them. While they can be used for simple handsfree usage, if you want to enjoy music on this device, invest in a good pair of earphones.


The sound quality from the earphones and the outgoing sound from the mic is great, and more than expected. While network strength is constantly 1 bar less, it does not affect the usage of the device and in our signal measurement test we would get a consistent -60db value.

Messaging and typing on the keyboard is achieved with ease and effortlessness. The keyboard is well spaces with large keys and responsive, the touch sensitivity issue does not occur in the keyboard, that why we insist its a software issue and not hardware (we could be wrong too).


A lot of people asked us to test the battery and we did some extensive tests on the battery.

Talk Time 5 Hours 3.5 Hours -NA-
Standby Time 72 Hours 50 Hours 5 days
Internet Browsing 5-6 hours 5 hours 8 hours
Video Playback 3 hours 3 hours 3 hours
Video Stream 2.5 hours 1 Hour 3.5 hours
Music 12 hours 12 hours 12 hours
Music Stream 7 hours 5 hours 8.5 hours


We noticed a well managed battery life even with the wifi hotspot on. Battery was inconsistent and scores above are average from out tests.



The Spice Mi410 is an extremely great option at its price. With features usually found in devices upwards of 20k. This device also looks, feels and performs like an expensive phone, so it should be a satisfying experience for the user. The fact that this handset is easily root-able will let people exploit the real benefits of the device. The screen issue may bother some , but it is not enough to not let us recommend this phone to some one who has this device in mind.


PRICE : 14,000/-

[xrr rating=4/5 label=”We Rate it : ” imageset=shiny_yellow_star display_as=fraction_stars]






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  • I am very happy to read this. This is the kind of info that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that’s at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

  • Nishakant

    Worst smart phone one can have. Please write review after using it for some days. I bought after reading your review, i tell you it is a piece of crap which deserves its place in dustbin. It is not at all userfriendly phone and gives lot of headache and pain while operating. One should always buy from the reputed companies, never from these fly by night rogue companies which introduces experimental phones in the market. 



  • imman

    can it be upgraded to ICS?…………PLS DO REPLY

    • Kentoi90

      yes.. but its still in alpha stage..

  • ravinder gss

    dose front cam support video calling  and for skype

    pls upload a video how the front cam works
    pls pls
    A humble request.

  • owais

    pls Spice Mi 350 full  review

  • Nitinkumar 1101996

    can asphalt game can be downloaded  in this spice mi 410 

    • Salmansadiq97

      yes i hav played and i runs superbly
      check it on google

  • Thanks great review

    Plz also add indoor video 

  • Navjyot Singh99

    It has a solid hardware

  • Badpitbull33

    i think spice has hybrid nokia N9 &  sony xperia arc looks….
    spice is a cheater

    • “yeah cheating hai”  hahaha .. tats sounds much like singham villain xD 

  • Guest

    You have said that this handset is easily rootable.
    Please tell us the method or the software with which this handset can be rooted.
    Very urgent as this can be the deciding factor to buy this phone.
    Thank you iGyaan
    You guys truly ROCK!!!!

    • try z4root named android app. it works on most devices. :)

  • VinS

    Has got the Handset week back from saholic @13kI upgraded with its official ROM available at spice website with gingerbredI had an excellent experience with my MI 410.With lots of application running, phone still stable. GPS catches signal very quickly.Phone network reception is also very @5MP is excellent in bright light but average in low light.Video Recording @720P is good in bright light but again average at dim light.Battery gets charged completely within 1 hour.WIFI, Bluetooth works absolutely fine without any problems within 10M range.Looks is very solid.With GPS/WIFI continuously ON, battery last from morning till evening.My Rating is as follow:Performance@1GHZ processor: 9.9 / 10Screen responsiveness : 8.0 / 10GPS warmup &signal accuracy: 9.5 / 10Camera : 7.0 / 10Video Recording@720P : 7.5 / 10 Looks & body design : 9.5 / 10Battery life : 8.0 / 10Network Signal reception : 9.5 / 10Price@given features : 9.9 / 10Overall satisfaction : 9.0 / 10—————————————Total : 87.8 / 100Overall I would just say that if you are not brand crazy i.e if you judge things by there quality & not just blindly with brand name then SPICE MI 410 is the best option if you want 3G/ WIFI/ GPS/ Video calling/ 4.0inch Capactive Multitouch screen/ in price range below 15k.

    • Guest

      Hi vins howzz the service facility for this phone

    • Maddy

      does this support 3g video calling, please reply.

  • Arhantjain94

    hi m arhant…
    i just bought this phone and looking for an update..

    can any1 plz post the link for anroid 2.3.4 for spice mi 410.


    • Guest

      Hi Arhant,  iGyaan itself has posted an article on how to upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3.4 (Gingerbread), it is essentially the upgrade of Cherry Magnum HD phone , you can get it from their site as well. 

      • Salmansadiq97

        no get it from spice official site that is the one GB for indian spice but comes with bloatwares, also available on mediafire and megaupload check it on XDA or google it

    • Bharat_magaji

      bro howz the phone??

    • Waytohackingblog

      go to their website………..they hav put it

  • Punith

    please tell me the aircel gprs setting for mi 410 …..i’m finding it difficult.

    • vivek s

      name as Ao and apn as aircelgprs

    • aadi jain

      go to setting
      touch on wireless & network>>mobile
      touch on data enable
      select network mode  GSM/WCDMA auto
      touch on Acess Point Names
      apn name

  • Gopikrishna

    Hello guys I have a question to someone who have used this phone, IE Does this phone include Proximity Sensor ?

    • Sunny

      Yes, it does.

      • Gopikrishna

        Sunny, it seems like you own the phone, if so i have one more doubt . Does this phone support 3G video calling feature ?

        • sunny

          You cannot make 3G video calls even after upgrade to Gingerbread,  But you can make video calls over skype and other voip softwares.

        • Gopikrishna

          Oh so the front camera is just a shit right ?

    • vikash kr

      yes it does.

  • Vikash Kumar

    Got this phone 2 days back..I want to clear all you guys doubts here. this is by far the best deal u can get at this price point..the phone features are awesome..screen is very bright ,very readable & very does not look cheap at all..fits snugly in ur hands. the phone is v fast also..touchscreen response is very good also contrary to what others have to say about it. i will definitely give it 4 out of 5.A must buy!!! It does not get better than this at least on such shoe string budget..

    • Vinaysudhir257

      Hi Vikash Kumar,
      Does the phone Has 16M color depth or 265k ??
      How is the touch problem ?Did u upgrade to 2.3.4 ?
      How is the Zoom function which recording video at 720p ?
      Can we connect this phone to LED monitor ?  using mini HDMI to VGA Adoptar ?
      How is the battery life ?
      Thank You

      • Vikash Kumar

        dear Vinay,
        it has 265 k screen but does not matter as it is very good.
        i upgraded it to 2.3.4 & touchscreen works just fine.
        video recordings havnt tested yet as i am not camera enthusiast.
        yes u can connect it to HDtv using HDMI connector.
        battery life if above average as with other smartphones it will last u a whole day.

        • Moshinkarovalia

          hey vikash do u this phone is for long term ussage ..4 years approx .and can i risk 14k on brand like spice ….plzz reply 
          thank uu

        • Vikash Kumar

          i am one of those types who change their mobiles every six months so it doesn’t matter to me . but this mobile is v solid built don’t worry about that.

        • Moshinkarovalia

          thanks and how is after sales service for spice ??

        • sunny

          Yes, i can vouch for the build quality  :-)
          I dropped it from 5 feet height few days back and it still works perfectly

        • Moshinkarovalia

          thanks and do u have any idea about after sales service for spice??

    • Vinaysudhir257

      Hi Vikash Kumar,
      Which phone do you suggest as an alternate to spice mi 410 ? my budget is 15000RS,
      Is there any branded phone like this one ? 

      • Vikash Kr

        u can go for Motorola defy which is available at 14500/-. but it has screen size of 3.7 ”. But personally after using big screen phones   i cant settle for anything lower than 4″.

        • Gopikrishna

          Vikash so is there any problem with you on using this phone ? And please answer to my question . Do this mobile support 3G Video calling ?

    • Aniltheking88

      da spice is not trustable yet……i also hv dis phon aftr one month flash is not working….camera quality is nt gud……nd spice’s service is in very poor condition……dey gave me another phn(in very bad condition luks very old)  instead of repairing “my” phn’s flash…….and dis replaced phn also hav charging problem nd atfr dis dey again gave me another phn which is also nt working properly……nw itz two mnths mah phn is in service center nd registerd a complaint in consumer court…….spice is nt trustable in costly phn so dnt buy spice

    • vivek s

      I have this fone for a month now. this supports only two touchpoints, so gaming sometimes irritating but still a good bargain 

    • Gopikrishna

      Hi , so are you able to use 3G video calling and is there any other problems surounding the phone ?

  • Sunny

    Bought this 2 days back and i am ok with this. Loads of features and works well. 
    Those who NEED a good camera in phone, please STAY AWAY from this phone,   the pictures and videos look washed out to me.  Other than that its been good till now.  Placed it beside my frnd’s Galaxy S with Amoled(both full brightness) and surprise surprise, the spice was brighter than the galaxy s. May not be as fancy as samsung’s UI but works for me as i bought it mainly for the processing power and screen size.  HDMI out was also a deal maker for me :-)   

    So the point is KNOW WHAT YOUR REQUIREMENT IS.  If you need brand name, fancy UI and other bla bla, just go for samsung or the other big boys.
    If you just want to root your phone and tweak,  want the high processing power, may want 3G calls, this should do the job just fine.  
    WELL, who knows, after 6 to 8 Months we will have phones with quad core processors and 3D display, so we might even get the galaxy S2 for 15k then :-)

  • amit agarwal

    Ok Dudez
    I have Read enough comments
    Finally Say Someone Who’s Using Mi-410
    Is the phone worth buying for Playing  HD Games, Internet and Application Support.
    Plz Comment…..

    • Paresh

      I have already posted my reivew on Gsmarena Spice 410 you can check that if you still have doubts in your mind.

    • Neerajkr83

      hi , if you are holder of Spice mi410 or planning to buy, please provide us your experience by liking the page below, i want all the indian mi410 user to bring here so that we can create a great help for all of us

  • piyush

    spice will release 2.3 update by the of july 2011

    • VIVEK

      its 2.3.4 dude…..

    • Srijit_thakur

      dude its already july ending and no official update frm the companies side

  • Anuj

    I got this phone a week ago.It is a very good phone in terms of performance and features for its price tag but it has some problems too.
    When i bought this phone i found a very strange problem in it.The problem was that it restarted whenever i locked the screen using the lock screen button whenever i locked it for more than a minute.If i unlocked it before 20 secs or so then it didnt restart.So i called up the spice hotspot on the same day and they replaced it the next day.
    Another problem is that after some time the speakers tend to become a bit less loud and the sound also becomes a bit distorted but after restarting the phone it becomes normal and it starts again after some time.
    So i think the sound problem is mainly due to software and not hardware( i hope so) . So im waiting for spice to release the 2.3 GB update and hoping that it solves the audio problem.
    So a piece of advice is that do check the phone before buying it ,especially the restarting part.
    I have a question too
    IF I install the unofficial 2.3 GB update(for cherry magnum HD) on this phone.So will it void the warranty ?
    Plz do reply as i dont want to void my warranty :D

    • Anuj if you go with unofficial update available, definitely, it will void warranty, but for your kind information, you can roll back to your stock official OS which you got with your mobile…. so in case you got any problem you can install 2.2.2 version and went to them…. and if you really wish to go for unofficial updates then go for CSL SPICE 2.3.4 ROM, definitely its unofficial one but more stable than Cherry 2.3.4

      • Anuj

        Thanks for the reply man but i am giving this phone back and i will ask for a refund which i will be getting.Yesterday when i was using the phone i just tried to call somebody but i couldnt hear any sound in the headset speaker but when i switched on to the loudspeaker mode the sound was clear.Then i tested it for another hour with no success.Then i had to format it with no avail(So its not a software problem).Then i took it the hotspot guy that i told him to take the phone and refund me.He checked his computer and told me that its not possible as the phone has  been registered on spice’s server.So he told me to take the phone to the service center and ask them to give u a DO or DOA certificate(ie Dead on Arrival).So I went to the service center and asked for that certificate.They told me that its only possible if its a hardware defect.So I told them to check it and tell me tommorow.I called them up today and they told me that i can that certificate and ask for a refund or buy another handset(of different company ofcourse) with same or higher price tag.

        • Srijit_thakur

          maybe ur luck is really bad with the phone i mean geting it screwed 2 times

    • Neerajkr83

      hi , if you are holder of Spice mi410 or planning to buy, please provide us your experience by liking the page below, i want all the indian mi410 user to bring here so that we can create a great help for all of us

      • Prabhakar Psi

        spice announced mi410 update software.but it is not opening.

    • Srijit_thakur

      obvi. u will void the warranty 

  • Bhuvan

    Just wanted to inform you guys that Some people have received DEFECTIVE pieces of Mi-410 when they ordered it online through SAHOLIC. One person has received a second hand used piece with scratches and second one has received a mobile without a battery. Its better to get your mobile on the Hotspot rather than getting it Online through SAHOLIC. Techenclave Spice mi 410 thread page 31

    • Paresh

      I just received my phone yesterday with all the accessories through blue dart. The phone is working fine its just been one day so cannot comment much but phone is in new condition & has month & year of import as April 2011, Month & year of manufacturing as March 2011. Yes there have been couple of complaints but SAHOLIC is addressing it on there facebook page.

  • Wilson

    Motorola Defy at 15,599 looks like a better option.. what do you say ?? it is scratch and water resistant and has gorilla glass.  It has better battery life etc… it can even be overclocked to 1GHz or more.  So why should i consider spice over motorola ? Plus the screen resolution is better at 16M(480 x 854) versus spice’s 256k.

    Any clarity would be useful.

    • Supriya3592

      go to droidsans-showdown video on you tube.You will get why people prefer this phone over defy or ace.They have compared four phones together.

      • Wilson

        If only i could understand the language in the review.  If someone can post an english audio for the same i would be very thankful

        • Wilson, if really want to go Moto Defy then go, but this phone pretty different than defy… and defy can not match experience what I am getting with this phone….. although price tag is same or quite different, but has some feature which beats defy…. Processor, front facing camera, GPU, Large screen and and one clarification, its not 256 K its 16 M color display only…

        • Wilson

          You should recheck… it has 256k and not 16M.  Also, defy can run at more than 1GHz and the screen size does not matter much as it’s 3.7 but with higher resolution compared to MI-410.  Also, it’s got gorilla glass.. so overall looks better to me any day.  I’m not trying to diss spice, but with all the comments about inconsistent hardware quality and lack of spice service centers, i wouldn’t want to take that chance.  Also, if you can’t do 3g calling, front facing camera is not much of value add to me.  

        • Wilson

          BTW, defy also comes with a GPU.. battery backup is much better and has nice features as touble tap to silence the call or flip the phone to mute the ringtone etc..

        • Neerajkr83

          hi , if you are holder of Spice mi410 or planning to buy, please provide us your experience by liking the page below, i want all the indian mi410 user to bring here so that we can create a great help for all of us

        • Srijit_thakur

          i know the fps in neocore benchmarks is 58.8or 59 which is really very good

      • Wilson

        Also, since the audio is not in english, could you briefly explain why they prefer Spice MI-410 to defy or ace ?

    • Wilson

      Infact, infibeam website sells it for under 15k.. so i think it’s way better than going for spice as motorola    
      means quality and it’s waterproof, dustproof and can be root and upgraded to gingerbread.  Even if the screen is smaller than MI-410, it’s resolution is better and has more colors  compare to spice.  Also, it’s batter is much better than spice.  The only thing i see missing is that it does not have a front camera and  
      hdmi output.. but that’s not a deal breaker for me.  How many people connect their phones to their t.v’s to watch movies ?

    • But Motorola Defy doesn’t have front camera for video call….what is the point in having a 3G phone without video call option??

  • Bhuvan

    Guys do you have any idea about LG Optimus Net a upgrade of LG Optimus One with Gingerbread out of the box and 800Mhz processor, Of course it is the same Turbo processor used by Ace (Overclocked MSM7227). 

  • Sagarraj

    i am Happy with this Phone :-)

    • Avinashkumar44

      how do u make video calls with this

  • Mehuldivecha

    I bought this mobile last week and loving it. Am only worried about scratches on screen and a good cover. Can anyone suggest a good screen gaurd and a cover. Heard that htc hd 7 cover fits good?
    Anyway regarding negative comments, these are from people who cant do a simple google search and have no idea about what android is all about.
    Also, this comment was typed on the mi410 :)

    • dude go for Sony Ericson Arc’s screen Guard……. It fit perfectly…… I am using the same

    • Neerajkr83

      hi , if you are holder of Spice mi410 or planning to buy, please provide us your experience by liking the page below, i want all the indian mi410 user to bring here so that we can create a great help for all of us

  • Tomyversatti

    I had bought this phone last week.

    I am loving it.  Overall performance is competitive with the devices available in tech range.

    Value for Money.

  • Paresh

    I have posted a similar question on techenclave (spice mi 410 thread) and waiting for a response

  • Supriya3592

    hey guys i was also planning to buy this phone.Actually was eagerly waiting fr it fr a couple of months
    but ur reviews r making me think..
    please tell me..
    i wish to use my phone for 
    videos(require flash support),
    n music
    for long i thought this phone can make up to my expectations.
    please users tell me if it really can..
    i have this budget of 15k
    shall i go for it or choose some others like defy or ace.

    • Miss….. It support flash Videos, ebook, Camera videos are good If you use LG Camera application, Music is awesome with good quality of headset, it doesn’t mean that headset comes with Phone are bad….. those are also quite good… and if your budget is 15 k  then this is best in this class……

      • Supriya3592

        i finally bought this phone yesterday but facing a bit of problems in establishing internet settings for vodafone live.vodafone people say that you have to go to menu and then services and then make the required gprs settings.But their is no such service option in the menu.Pleases help me with that so that i can start with my internet connection.

        • Damodar77

          You can contact the spice service centre as this phone is not registered in Vodafone list….

        • Neerajkr83

          Hi Supriya, Sms VL to 52586.You will get the settings,save them & start ur browser.

    • Neerajkr83

      hi , if you are holder of Spice mi410 or planning to buy, please provide us your experience by liking the page below, i want all the indian mi410 user to bring here so that we can create a great help for all of us

  • Ankit Kumar

    OK guys, I own this phone and have been using this
    extensively in the last couple of days… and here’s my honest review of Mi-410.


    Built Quality: 4/5 Looks pretty sleek and solid. However I
    wonder if this can take any impact as I see this phone is pretty heavy compared
    to other phones of the category.


    Signal Reception: 2/5 The phone keeps disconnecting from the
    network pretty often, I had no such issues with previous phones in my area.
    However, when I installed optional software to monitor network, it does show
    the signals but status bar says unavailable. Wi-fi is pretty ok though signal
    to weak compared to my previous phone, yet to test 3G on it.


    Camera : 2/5 Camera is very poor, this is almost useless
    indoors. I see nothing but dark shades even with flash on the photos are
    mediocre, color reproduction is poor.


    Video: 2/5 Though this boasts of a 720p@30fps, frame rate is
    very poor and I see a very gittery video even in VGA mode even with other
    programs disabled.


    Overall Features: 4/5 Has all the decent features to survive
    for couple of years before becoming outdated, 3G, HSPCA, Wi-fi, AGPS, HDMI out.


    Display: 3.5/5 Is pretty decent but no way to close to the
    htc or a samsung.

    Speakers: 2/5 Below average speakers, sound reproduction is
    pretty poor though it has dual speakers on either side. If you are an avid
    music listener, invest in a decent earphone. This does come with a 3.5mm jack. Ear
    phone provided with the phone is not a good one, I’ve also observed low buzzing
    noise from the headphones when connected

    Battery: 2/5 Yet to test it fully but with my experience
    from the last one week, I can tell it last about a day with low to medium
    usage. 15-20 min video 10-12 calls about 2/3 min average, 30min browsing/games/3G
    stand-by should be around 2 days


    Value for Money 3/5 This phone mysteriously keeps rebooting
    once or twice a day, applications do crash. However am yet to find out if this
    is due to any running apps or any hardware issue. I have Gingerbread 2.3.4
    currently and have installed around 5-6 google apps that barely consume any  memory.

    Service:  ??? This is
    my first spice phone, so cannot comment on it, heard that it is pretty poor and
    should end-up in a recycle bin in case of any serious trouble.

    Overall 3/5 This phone by no means is a competition with
    likes of HTC Sony or Samsung, though it has decent built quality and features.
    I would say if you can compensate with these short coming, looking for a phone that’s
    not built to last or keep changing phones quite occasionally (every year) with
    technology then look no further else this is strictly not the one to look at…

    • Jafar

      Your review will definately help people to take an informed decision. I intend to purchase LG Optimus one but after a recent price drop in spice mi 410 I got carried away and thought of purchasing it (LG Optimus one still has dust issue below the panel).  I wanted to know if the would recommend this phone over Optimus one considering the price difference between these phones is close to Rs 3500/-. No doubt Spice mi 410 has a great hardwae but LG O1 has been a really successful model. Below are my requirements
       Push mail, GPS, Browsing (readability on the screen is important with less eye strain), voice chat with friends over 3G or Wifi(not a fan of video chat though), network coverage ( most of the times i am in areas with good network coverage but times when I travel I need a decent coverage), battery backup atleast 2 days (usage will be 4-5 calls/day 30-40 min per day, 10-15 min browsing getting the current news while I am commuting to my office).

      • Jafar

        Just wanted to add one more thing regarding the reception quality. Is the reception weak because the SAR value(radiation level) of this phone is close to 0.5 to 0.7 on head/body ?
        Most of the 3G phones have quite high SAR value in the range of 1-1.5 motorola defy is a good example. Even LG optimus one has a SAR value of 0.7-0.9 for India but does not have reception problems.

    • I am quite wonder about your display remark……. in what sense you need clarity….. You can take your phone to Chroma or any other electronic store and compare there then comment….. Its display is as good as of Samsung and HTC….. Correct your remark

    • Regarding Camera, if you use other application like HDR Camera, Camera 360, of LG Camera, you will get good pictures indoor also….. do the research and then review.,…..

      About service also you are lack of knowledge…… Go to Techenclave forum and found how service center cater to customer….. the have already replaced faulty handset with new one to two of forum member…. service is quite good….

    • Jivraj

      Ankit ;

      U R right about the low battery life and poor camera performance (with pre-loaded apps)The display may hav good pixel density but the colour saturation combined with not so good viewing angles is not that great. This phone is no competition to HTC and samsung for their brand value but for features it is .

  • Aziz Chamadia

    how to use swype and java apps?
    please help

  • Aziz Chamadia

    what changes in gingerbread?

    • Feeling of touch, fluidity of screen and more application mainly designed for 2.3.4 GB

  • Aziz Chamadia

    i sold nokia c7 for this

    • Except battery you will not regret about Nokia At all

  • Aziz Chamadia

    how to use swype or where to download swype
    how to run java apps like state bank freedom

    • to use swype go to setting, then Location and security then setup the screen lock then Pattern….. inthis way you can use swype

      State bank has not released application for Android…. but how to run Jawa in android, I don’t know…. I will find it and will come to you

  • Arunesh

    can we install cm 7 on this  

    • CM7, as of now, is not developed for this phone

  • Arunesh

    hey what are changes with the phone after the update to 2.3

  • Arunesh

    anyone u bought the phone faced such a problem 

  • Mahesh Chandgothia

    How to forward an SMS already in inbox in Spice Mi 410?

    • Select the SMS which want to forward put you finger on it, until sub menu open, in that sub menu you will find the option called Forward…..

  • Santosh

    if you are spending 14K..go with HTC desire..little higher range but that one is tried and tested..i got fooled by the price and the specs.. and carried away..but in long run i think it is the brand that matters

    • Ankit

      I was planning to get this mobile from Saholic the Online store of Spice, but if I get a software problem like your’s it would be difficult for me to get it rectified because the place where I stay does not has spice hotspot, so getting any kind of problem rectified will be a pain. Dude your experience has forced me to reconsider my decison of getting this phone online… Also regarding your battery experience, did you try killing all the unwanted background apps, switched to 2G mode along with reducing the display brightness. Maybe you can give your battery  2-3 days of full charge-discharge cycle and then test it.

      • Santosh

        the software problem was corrected by spice service center…
        now it is working good…still the battery life is around 10 hrs with few web browsing and few conversation and some game.. i dont have 3G now… but i use live wall paper which is well known to consume some battery life but without live wall paper why do you want a android!!!! the device need daily charging for sure..

        the touch experience is not that nice as i expected…but the web browsing and gaming are very good… camera is of descent quality..sound quality not that good..

        overall, if ur budget is 14K and u need to buy an android with 1ghz processor, its the only thing available… but think of the service center nearby before may need there help

        • Paresh

          I feel that touch response has got more to do with the software rather than hardware.  In the above review its clearly mentioned that touch response of the keyborad is great but he still has some problems in the home screen, if it was the hardware issue the response on the keybord would also be equally sluggish. Assuming that spice will release a gingerbread ROM by August or if you are a techie you may try some custom kernel and see if the touch response improves but ofcourse since its just one day old would not suggest you to experiment to much with your phone. People at spice hotspots are not experts(just few would be comfortable with the technical issues & you should be lucky enough to meet them), Most of them might be trained to do minimal patch work to get the mobile working, Moreover this is a Huawei (Foxconn) and not a spice product with a Decent SAR value at least that what they claim on paper

    • Even Samsung has the same Image 4 – 5 years back, but today they established themselves, brand doesn’t matter dude, quality matters …. and this device has quality, and if question about tested and tried…. then Go on internet search for Huwei X6, welcome A1, Cherry Magnum HD, Motorola Triumph, CSL MI 410. These all were launched in Jan of this year and reviews are quite satisfying….. I am with this device and more satisfied …..

  • Santosh

    After spending a hour with the hotspot center, he ask me to go to the service center…when i went to the service center..they did not know what to to do with it…after a lot of argument with the service manager for changing the phone or refund….he requested to go to another service center in mohali….god.. desperately i went there and after spending an hour there…they found some software problem and corrected it… i spend half of my day running here and there for a brand new phone which i purchased do you think i should recommend you this phone..

    • Rishi Raj

      I don’t want to get into such a problem because we do not have a spice hotspot in our area… thanks for informing me at the right time. But was the software problem found only in your device or other devices also? May be HTC desire will be better as you suggested, but it lacks a front cam, which won’t matter, but will always give me memories of my current n73, and at this price range I have no other choice.. Well how much will the old version of desire cost?

      • Santosh

        i dont know about other people… but getting brand new phone and having problem on the same day after paying the price is a most sad thing in life..dont you agree?

        desire was pricing around 16.5k on have to search for it..many places it is out of stock after desire s has come..

        think before you buy that is my only advice

        • Rishi Raj

          Yup! It’s really a horrible experience. How is your phone working now? Thanks for your advice. I think buying an entry level android of around 9k  would be good for now, later I’ll buy better one because we can’t expect to get the best of all worlds at this price range.

      • ketan juikar

        HTC desire is somewhat around 22 k.

        • Go on Saholic, you will find it for approx 16 K

  • rahul pareek

    nice review!but i don’s see this phone as a sucess


    • Ankit

      May I know as to why you feel this phone might not be success because at this price I don’t think you can get any other phone with this kind of hardware. Yes the screen is not SLCD but I think its quite managable. Other phones with similar hardware are atleast 5-6k more in price

  • Santosh

    i bought a spice Mi 410 yester day. Besides very poor battery life it is having a bizarre and unique problem. it is getting switched of automatically and getting started again in 10 to 15 min interval… i am going to complain about this to day. .. can any body help me regarding this…does this have a solution???

    • Giri

      ah crap… that’s bad ! I’m just thinking of buying it … How is the screen quality and touch experience? thanks for your comment it really helps !!!

      • Santosh

        screen quality is good..but touch experience is not that much smooth as i expected..may be gingerbread up-gradation will help..which is likely to come by next month as per some sources

  • what is its battery life like???

  • rock brock

    hi freinds i broght it i request to you all of them do not buy this mobile you will get trouble soon as i am go for samsung ace
    very bad mobile battery 0

  • Somesh singh

    hi can you plz give a reivew on olive fluid v w1.thanks,

  • Rishi Raj

    Thanks for this review but a few questions are still in my head:
    What about its GPU?
    It has AF cam, so is macro mode present?
    Is this device listed in official android market?
    Anyway, by next week I’ll buy it.

    • GPU – Adreno 205, same as in Xperia Play. So you’ll have support for latest games.
      It has AF and Macro.
      Ya, the device is suited for Android Market.

  • Aluguramesh

    HAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IAM VERY MUCH INTRESTED IN BUYING THIS PHONE BECAUSE ITS 1GH PROCESSOR ANDE GOOD reslution with front facing camera i definitly say thats this is very good andriod smartphone  with all features  ever seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen 

  • excellent update…..

  • Swapnil Kashikar

    Spice has done something which was impossible for other brands to do…i.e. a feature rich Super high end mobile in a BUDGET. iGYAAN has reviewed it PERFECTLY (with help of Bharat ofcourse). Truly Updated/Sophisticated/Budget Device from Spice. i believe other so called “major” companies are in definite threat now. if this is the PRESENT, i wonder what will be the FUTURE of Spice Mobile!   

    • rock brock

      your  are  right dude i broght i facing

  • Rahul

    Your review says the Internal ROM is 2 GB while the Spice website mentions it as 800 MB!! Which one is true?


      800 mb

    • Rishi Raj

      ROM doesn’t mean user phone memory. Phone memory is 800MB but ROM is 2GB. You cannot use it for storing files or modify it. ROM is the place where the firmware is installed and can be modified only during FW update and writing flash.

  • Zoher_sa

    The absence of gorilla glass will be a great problem. Considering the few number of service centres spice has. When will the olive v-s300 come out?

  • Pratkk

    hi,Bharat Nagpal
    can i know about the screen visiblity in the sunlight (outdoors).
    please reply its bothering me a lot……. pls pls pls.

    • Screen visibility is quite ok. It has ambient light sensor.

      • Pratkk

        hi ,rishikesh
        thnx for the reply,do u own this phone?
        from where did u test this?

  • Shekhar

    Thanks Bharat for your review on spice MI – 410.

  • Hryadav

    Can me make 3G video calling in this handset. Video calling has not been covered in its user manual.

    • Rai Akshay Kumar

      yes you can. you will need to update it to 2.3.4, and then use any number of apps like skype, tango, fring etc

    • Raj

      No it is not supported. Front camera is given for skype like chatting.

  • Ykalianpur

    is htc wildfire s good or spice mi410 plz reply

    • Rai Akshay Kumar

      the htc wildfire S is in the same price range, but it lacks alot of features which the mi 410 has. the screen in a inch smaller. the screen resolution is lower,no hd recording, 600mhz processor compared to the 1 ghz snapdragon

  • Mohit Rana

    sir i want to ask one more question doest it get heated up while using gps or playing games . please please please ……………  reply…………

    • Rai Akshay Kumar

      been using it for 3 days now…..havent seen any such problem.

      • amith

        how’s your battery holding up…i have been using since 2 days n charged thrice…not happy with the battery….

        • lally

          use some task killer app

      • Pheonixed619

        hi i am plannin to buy it pls tell me how is ur phone contdition now 

    • Salmansadiq97

      Gets heated up slightly while playing Asphalt6 for 10 mins of more no problem in game speed plays it smoothly 

  • Avinashkumar

    only one question Bharat,,,,tell me whether it’s screen is 262k or 16 million,,,

    • Rai Akshay Kumar


      • lally


  • Anzal

    I have some Question  regarding this please help me..
    SAR value of the Spice-mi-410 ?
    Is it is Huawie  Ideos X6 ? 
    Spice authorized service centers in Kerala ?

    • The SAR limit stated in the ICNIRP guidelines is 2.0 W/kg averaged over 10 grams of tissue. The highest SAR value of SPICE mi-410 is 0.791 W/kg  
      at the ear
       and at the body it is 0.554 W/kg.

      Yes, it is rebranded Huawei Ideos X6. Which is also rebranded as Motorola Triumph (U.S), Wellcom A99 (Thailand), Cherry Mobile Magnum (Philippines).

      Service Center

      • Amrinersherry

        Does it have the Multitouch Feature…?

        • Rai Akshay Kumar

          yes it does. only 2 point multi touch. so you can zoom in and out, rotate and play games without any trouble.