Twitter to Revamp Itself, Introduce a Facebook-Like Timeline

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Twitter to Revamp Itself, Introduce a Facebook-Like Timeline

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If this latest report is to be believed, Twitter is expected to introduce its revamped version next week and bring in a newsfeed very similar to Facebook’s timeline. It would combine data and tweets in a way that would no longer follow a chronological order.

This new algorithm would order tweets based on what it thinks people would want to see more as opposed to adhering to a strict chronology. It is unclear at this point if this would be a change forced on all users or if it would simply be an option to choose or ignore.o-TWITTER-facebook

Rumours about this redesigning have been milling around for a couple of weeks now. As Twitter struggled to stay on its feet the last couple of days, this revamping seemed like one of company’s desperate measures to stay afloat.

No official comments have been made  by the company on the topic. Jack Dorsey did say recently, however, that they would “continue to question our reverse chronological timeline”.


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