Mark Zuckerberg Stays Hopeful About in India After TRAI Bans Free Basics

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Mark Zuckerberg Stays Hopeful About in India After TRAI Bans Free Basics

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Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has spelled doom for Facebook’s Free Basics campaign by banning it from India. So much for all the voiced opinions in the last couple of weeks.

Though this is big setback for, Mark Zuckerberg refuses to let it douse his spirits. In a post he put up earlier today, he says,

“Our work with around the world has already improved many people’s lives. More than 19 million people in 38 countries have been connected through our different programs. Connecting India is an important goal we won’t give up on, because more than a billion people in India don’t have access to the internet.”

One cannot help but question Facebook’s ‘altruistic’ intentions, or ones it cannot stop talking about when it comes to Free Basics. With its infinite resources can’t Facebook simply set up a company that provides Internet to remote locations for free? Wi-Fi powered stations that provide connectivity can be used to help with these attempts. Once there are a substantial amount of people involved, there can surely be a way figure out a way to make money without necessarily compromising on net neutrality.

It is a fact that Facebook has provided some sort of Internet connectivity, mostly through the platform of Free Basics in 38 countries. But in the future, both and Free Basics are expected to face the same trouble it did in India elsewhere as well over net neutrality.

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  • Ankit Rai

    “Respect the ones who made it possible for people like you to connect! Criticism is the easy way out. It’s time for us to look beyond it!” –

  • Arshaan Lentin

    No to free basics

  • Arshaan Lentin

    No, he is trying to make a profit out here,repent repent he should not take control over our internet

  • rsudharsan1978

    First teach facebook what internet is and let them know India is not a place to gamble with poor people.

  • Abhishek

    Save the internet

  • Gurnoor Mann

    Its a good initiative mark and a good thought but we have to protect our internet from corporates we have to keep it a neutral zone so we will have to say no to free basics .

  • Awais Khan

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  • Nevin Joseph Morrison

    Mark, your rice won’t boil here..

  • Leo Mtuwa

    Don’t you mean