Galaxy Note 6 Leaks Suggest 5.8-inch Display and 6GB RAM

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Galaxy Note 6 Leaks Suggest 5.8-inch Display and 6GB RAM

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As Samsung prepares to take on the world with its flagship devices this year, this is the latest we have about its phablet Galaxy Note 6.

A Chinese Weibo account has posted some specifications of the Note 6 which mention a 12 MP camera, along with 5.8-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2560X1440. Additionally, there is also a mention of 6 GB of RAM.Galaxy Note 6 The latter news does not come as a surprise because it was only a couple of months ago when Samsung had announced it 12 GB mobile DRAM chips. This opened the door for 6 GB smartphones in the near future because the 12Gb LPDDR4 enables 3 GB or 6 GB of mobile DRAM in a single package by simply using two chips and four chips respectively.

Currently, even the fanciest of Samsung phones do not go beyond 4 GB of RAM. However, a 6 GB phone sometime this year shouldn’t come as a surprise now that the official announcement about the technology has been already made.Samsung Galaxy Note 5 26

Note 6 will be equipped with an S-pen (who saw that coming?) according to the leak, but there are no updates about the battery-life of the device. Watch this space for all the latest developments.

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  • Ali Ahmed

    And price would be 99000/-

  • Aman Arora

    in 2 years we will have 8 GB RAM in our phones …

  • Nithyanand Mudaliar

    Well what’s the point in introducing 6 gigs of RAM in Samsung devices , instead of incrementing RAM size in every Samsung flagship releases may be they should leverage the power of hardware ( optimising firmware Which does not slows down your hardware ) like Apple does … iPhone runs like champ even in 1 GB Ram also .though I am not an apple fan but still it contradicts
    Besides the point Samsung touchwiz sucks

  • Rajan Siingh

    They should rather use stock android.

  • Kinshuk Bisht

    5.8 was required? -_-

  • Akash Sadiq

    I just love note phones

  • Yuv Singh

    What did you just write about ram ?? :O

  • Shahzeb Iqbal

    Kis jaga par kha hai

  • Shahzeb Iqbal

    Lunch Hua ya nahi

  • Gaurav Rana

    Kehna kya chahte ho bhai

  • Niloy Das

    OMG…. . 6GB

  • Shreyas Ayachit

    Ghanta 6gb ram? Vo bhi samsung dega? Lolz

  • Samarth Suresh

    Shriram Iyer 6 GB RAM! WTF

  • Shyam Chandak

    But seriously what would any1 do with 6gb ram..U0001f602U0001f602

  • Mandeep Singh

    Wow 6gb e

  • Shyam Chandak

    6gb ram!! Ye toh smartphone ka bhi baap hai..

  • Narendra Chaudhari

    iphone nai chahiye abhi

  • Rahul Reddy

    6gb ram in Samsung??
    No wonder it still give lags, touchwiz sucksU0001f608

  • Usama Butt

    ? Perhatiin? deh,8-| Usama? Butt? bisa? balik? status?
    MAR? BG6? dna? yalpsiD? hcni-8.5? tsegguS? skaeL? 6? etoN? yxalaG
    Hebat? kan…? Namanya? juga? robot,? hehe
    :* Jam 3 sore yah
    :D Saturday : 13 – February – 2016
    :3 Jani Like BaCk B Kia Kro
    -_- Lagi lagi selisih 28 menit :D 28 detik :v
    ? Robot like by Usama Butt

  • Deep Kothari

    Narendra Chaudhari still wana go for iphone U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Sunil Kumar Swain

    How to very nice looks good is good….

  • Emmanuel Gyekye

    6GB ram, why?

  • Mateen Mohammed Abdul

    Is that a ram lol…..after 5yr ram will be 16 or 32gbs in mobiles

  • Kaushik Medhi

    Wooohhhh !!!!!! This is a Super Smartphone (y)

  • Sameeruddin Akhtar

    Thts too much, I gues price we also b 6 times

  • Warren Correa

    This specs puts PC’S to shame . U0001f602 . 6gb . That’s heavy .

  • Rana Umer


  • Muhammad Aun

    Holly crap 6 GB ram

  • MukulSharma2000

    igyaan 6GB RAM is insane… Idk if Exynos 8890 supports that much RAM
    And they should stick with 5.7″

  • Rizwan Ch

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  • Usama Yousaf