Apple’s Original TV Show to Star Dr. Dre

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Apple’s Original TV Show to Star Dr. Dre

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Apple is going the Netflix way and is making an original TV series that will star popular rapper and Apple-owned Beats co-founder Dr. Dre. The show is called Vital Signs and is a dark drama which will have six 30-minute episodes showing Dr. Dre responding to different emotions. It is semi-autobiographical in nature and will also start Sam Rockwell and Mo McCrae.

This will be Apple’s debut venture in original content and, like Netflix, the episodes will release all at once for viewers to binge on. The series will debut on Apple Music, according to reports. It is still not clear when and how big the launch of the show will be. One of the reasons behind going with Dr. Dre for its first TV series is due to Dre’s ties with Apple on Beats.

Another reason could be Apple trying to get a piece of the success that followed Straight Outta Compton, which was a story about Dre’s life as a rapper during his time with the N.W.A. According to reports, Dre has already begun filming for the show.

Apple TV 8

Early in January, we had reported that Apple was working on a project called “Apple Video” and has partnered with ABC, CBS, and Fox. Apple has also worked out details with Sony Pictures, Universal and Disney and may be negotiation with some other studios.

Apple has been working on a video streaming service, according to the rumour mill, for the past six years. It seems 2016 will be the year of release. With the recent news of Netflix going global and launching in 190 countries worldwide, Apple may have to move fast if it wants to get on with the competition.

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