Samsung Shows Off Waterproof Galaxy S7, S7 Edge in Leaked Video

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Samsung Shows Off Waterproof Galaxy S7, S7 Edge in Leaked Video

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Samsung is just days away from unveiling its Galaxy S7 flagship lineup. We’ve already seen a lot of renders, leaked benchmark tests, and more that tell us what we can expect from the devices. Today, we have a video that has been released by Samsung’s Indonesia page that gives and perhaps confirm a bunch of details about the devices.

The minute-long video doesn’t reveal much on the hardware front, but it does give us some details on some of the features and the look of the devices. First off, the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge do look a lot like their S6 counterparts in terms of looks.

The video shows that the Galaxy S7 can handle rain without frying on the inside, which means both the devices will be IP67 rated. Apart from this, the video also shows that the S7 will come with an improved camera module that can capture better low-light images. The S7 also appears to have a flat back, which tell us that Samsung has ditched the camera hump. We’ll know for sure about these features in just a few days at the MWC ‘Unpacked’ event on February 21.

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