Android N Shown Off By Google in Developer Preview

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Android N Shown Off By Google in Developer Preview

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Google in an unnatural move has made the next upgrade of Android , aka Android N beta for developers. Google writes that the team decided it wanted to release the preview earlier in order to get more feedback from developers earlier in the process and get the final N release into the hands of device manufacturers this summer.

As we look to the next release of AndroidN, you’ll notice a few big changes aimed at you as developers: it’s earlier than ever, it’s easier to try and we’re expanding the ways for you to give us feedback. We hope these changes will ensure that you are heard and reflected — that’s what makes Android stronger

Like all beta releases Google claims that this beta edition is a work in progress and you should expect a lot of bugs.multiwindow_devblog_tablet_160308_01_n9


Many new changes are talked about but namely the ability to directly reply to notifications and split screen view for both tablets and phones seems to be the major highlight of this update. You will also get PIP (picture in picture ) for video play like you have seen on Samsung Galaxy devices for a while.


Google will also put major focus on improving performance and battery life by improving features like Doze. Google also claims its aim is to help apps become less memory and resource hungry.

Android N DevicesThe update can be had today if you are running any of the following devices: Google’s Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Nexus 9 and Pixel C devices. Once you’ve updated your device, Google will also continue to push new updates OTA to it as they are released.

While the percentage of people on Marshmallow is still low, Google has already moved forward with Android N, what the final name will be, is still unknown. (leave your possible ideas below)

Hit the source link in case you want to try out the new Beta, however if it is your main device, we strongly suggest against it.


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  • Mayur Gangawane

    Get a better phone.

  • Talha Ijaz

    U0001f605U0001f605 mene ghalt prh lia tha phr

  • Vivek Raval

    Here some people has still not got the update of lollipop and they make nu Android version daily…U0001f621U0001f620

  • Zohaib Afzal

    Talha Ijaz toldya Nutella

  • Rayyan Khan

    Got a nexus 4U0001f602U0001f602
    Didnt even get marshmallow

  • Android peanut or ……………?

  • Muhammad Unes

    No update yet :/

  • Biki Sahu

    N stands for ?

  • Junaid Shaikh

    N for nectar

  • Rohan Mehta

    Arpit Jain nutellaa

  • Manoharan Ramachandran

    N for Nuts :P

  • Adarsh Mohanty

    Android… Nutella.. XD

  • Shreyas Belur

    Tejas Gupta.. Ur right.. But when u think abt.. Looking at the Googles’ trend of naming their OS.. When u think abt Android N.. It has to be Nutella

  • Tejas Gupta

    Not really
    Google refers to it as Android N everywhere.
    And no official announcement yet.
    iGyaan is guessing.
    I think it’ll be Nougat though

  • Asees Preet Singh

    Rizaq android M aya ni hle loka kol.. Inha ne android N vi kdta

  • Anindya Mahajan

    haha, most of us haven’t even got an upgrade to android l, and google are already showcasing nutella :P

  • Dhananjay Bangde

    Android Nectar , when for Moto x pure

  • Zeeshan Faruqi

    Yea i can wait just wanna be sure about the update

  • Shahriar Khan

    Hm me too

  • TeJas SardAna

    Yaarr..mera bhi aaa jayeeU0001f613

  • Saurav Verma

    Waiting for Android M in my Device.

  • Dipanjan Ray


  • Nikhil Jerath

    Mayank bhai kr le update!

  • Supreet Khanna

    Knew it.. Android Nutella

  • Prashant Kaushik

    Priyanshu Mittal… Install it bro

  • Shlok Gupta

    Wow…Android nutella :D

  • Sushant Gambhir

    Abhi toh hamare phone mai M ni aya inhone N bhi nikal dia!!

  • Vishal Shukla

    Hey what about note 5…. M still on Android L

  • DeVesh Chaudhary

    Sagar Sony bc nutella bhi aa gya, abhi tak marshmallow na chalaya

  • Tassavvur Rehman

    Is that nutella?

  • Chirag Rathod

    Nothing much new. Again same small interfaces changes & known as new android version!!

  • Ksk Chaitanya

    on it.. :*

  • Nehul Chhari

    yr nuttle ki place pr indian sweet bhi toh ho sakti hai #nan_khatai

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    Oh no what about Nexus 5!!!

  • Suyash Gogate

    Android N is “Nectar”

  • Zeeshan Faruqi

    Moto x2 will it receive android N?

  • Geethesh

    I am irritated because i have a nexus 5

  • Shreyas Belur

    Chaitya Patel and Saahith Hegde.. So its going to be Android Nutella U0001f60d