Xiaomi Launching the Mi 5 in India on 31st March

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Xiaomi Launching the Mi 5 in India on 31st March

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Smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi in keeping true to their promise of launching the Mi 5 within March will do so on the last day of the month. The launch slated for the 31st of March will see huge gains for the company’s next flagship launched earlier this year at MWC.

With a new ‘Zirconium 3D ceramic body’ the Mi 5 has a 5.15-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 820 chipset, 16-megapixel rear camera, 4-megapixel selfie camera, dual-SIM card slots, 4G LTE, IR Blaster and USB Type-C port.

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  • Sushant Nassa

    No need 4 that bro…!!

  • Renil Dsouza

    Thanks Sushant Nassa

  • RockeyPandit

    Hey at which site we can book mi?

  • Amman Sharma

    Shubham Agarwal le lio bhai! U0001f602

  • Vivaan Raghuvanshi

    Chetan Shinde no pro version.
    Even China didn’t got it yet.

  • Athipati Pandian

    Trishanka Menon
    It’s comingU0001f643

  • Chetan Shinde

    And in few seconds here it goes out of stock :P

  • Vamshi Krishna Reddy

    Hope so. Moreover that’s for only 2 sales.
    Fed up with the flash sale system even though I work for Amazon.

  • Renil Dsouza can u pls tell me the price of the mi5 pro(ceramic) version.

  • Chetan Shinde

    And withing seconds you will see people raging over their fb page. U0001f602

  • Chetan Shinde

    they might put pro version, remember, they also had 32 GB Redmi Note 3 for sale.

  • Prince Mehta

    Yeah!!! Finally!!! ?

  • Jai Kurana

    Plz Support This Channel-

  • Nisar Ahmed

    Oh my the beast is coming

  • Abhinav Garg

    31st march it is

  • Rajveer Thakur

    Ma ki ankh dis also won’t cumU0001f611

  • Aman Arora

    here comes the flagship killer…

  • Vamshi Krishna Reddy

    They put very limited number of units for sale and we will fight for them just like we used to fight for tickets infront of theatres. The stupidest part is they won’t even put the pro version for sale which we all actually want to buy.
    Congrats xiaomi for making us just like “apple sheeps”.

  • Aehraz Parvez

    Rahil Memon khushkhabri

  • AnkitAnmol

    igyaan confirm whether its 31st March or 31st April, coz “31st April” is not there on the list. Have doubt then contact xiaomi

  • titash_sharma

    NirjanSarkar igyaan lol

  • Gopal Chinta

    yeaa dude u r right

  • Gopal Chinta

    wt abt price???

  • Saurabh Sharma

    Lol, They’ll launch it then they’ll put 200-300 units for sale and scream that our stock got sold within seconds. :D

  • KeyurBhesania

    one plus is idiot, don’t count on them. (experienced)

  • Akshay Narayan

    Rajveer Thakur ab tum yehi lo

  • Md Imran

    #OnePlus3 making its way

  • NirjanSarkar

    igyaan 31st March or April?!? Confused!!! U0001f611U0001f610U0001f615U0001f915U0001f912U0001f614

  • Gaurav Tuteja

    U0001f602Saurabh Tuteja ye s7 se better hai saste me

  • Sudeep Biswas

    xiaomi is the biggest troll….they launch huge number of products but never make them available for purchase….maybe they are just trying their luck in making their catalogue look thicker…

  • Shubham Samrat

    Waiting fr yuhh

  • Pritpal Singh

    Check Tamandeep Sehmi Jasminder Singh

  • Devang Shady haha its on 31st March. You glitched it.. Haha

  • Yuvi Raj

    Hahahha april 31

  • Manish Hirani

    31st April. Wow. Igyaan thoda gyaan le lo

  • Sagar Sadrani 31st April ? :O

  • Rishabh Gupta

    31st april :P, April has only 30 days

  • Rahul Porwal

    Its 31st March