Apple iPhone 7 May Not have a Home Button

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Apple iPhone 7 May Not have a Home Button

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The iPhone 7 to be launched this year is expected to bring about a significant design change for the Cupertino-based technology giant. With Apple revising the design of the iPhone with each new number, the iPhone 7 is expected to improve its looks drastically in comparison to the iPhone 6s.

Adding to the rumors of the new all glass design is the recent announcement by LG. The company announced that they have developed a new display technology which will allow manufacturers of smartphones to place a fingerprint scanner right on the display glass.


It is not new information that LG is one of the biggest display providers to Apple, and with the next iPhone due in September 2016, LG’s announcement comes right on time. The new display by LG allows the user to scan their finger anywhere on the glass of the screen, making the need for a button or a panel to scan the fingerprint redundant. LG said its new module has a false acceptance rate (FAR) of 0.002 percent. Because the module is sealed under a layer of glass, it remains protected from splashes and scratches.

Back in June 2015 reports pointed to Apple working on an integrated fingerprint scanner display :

Apple is internally developing touch and display driver integration (TDDI) single-chip solutions for its iPhones, according to sources in Taiwan’s IC design industry.

The TDDI single-chip solutions will also come with integrated fingerprint sensors, said the sources. The integrated design would fit into future iPhone designs – models with ultra-thin and ultra-narrow displays, and with a whole plane design eliminating the Home button.

In fact, Apple also has a patent for the same.


Other reports point to a flush home button made of liquid metal, which would be recessed when pressed but would return to original shape after recovery.


LG’s solution, which is 0.3mm thick, is inserted on the lower backside of a smartphone’s cover glass. LG has also designed its own adhesive to allow this module to be stuck to the glass of the smartphone.

iphone 6s plus 2

With 3D touch, the need for the home button may also be directly replaced by making the screen 3D touch capable. With LG’s new fingerprint technology, and Apple’s 3D Touch released with the iPhone 6s combined with rumors of a seamless glass design, it is highly likely that Apple may drop the home button on the iPhone 7.


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  • Ravindran Vishwas

    Kidney make my life run not iPhone

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    Apple iPhone 7 May not launch/release -_-

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    Woooooooooah thts fckin coool,no home button, no headphone jack, how abt no speakers?

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    It looks sooooo chillar even though its fake

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  • Ravindran Vishwas

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  • Ravindran Vishwas

    So how many kidneys you are planning to sell for iphone 7 ?

  • Ravindran Vishwas

    My kidney is better than your iPhone 6

  • Vishal Shukla

    Well I like the home button….

  • Saiteja Kode

    Full display as a fingerprint ,
    I think it will cost worth 2 kidneys

  • Bharat Taneja

    Yashankit Gurung yes like your capitalisation is on point, you’re in a position to point out other people’s mistakes.

  • Shahzeb Iqbal

    How much price

  • Shahzeb Iqbal

    Lunch ho gay ya abi nahi

  • Satya Sohham Pradhan

    No 3.5mm jack well that is not smart at all … yes there will be home button which will be pressure sensitive too … 9toMac said about it

  • Saraj Lalwani

    My iPhone 6 is the best.

  • Rudraksh Popli

    After 10 yrs apple I phone 18 may not have a screen in it

  • Hassaan Khan Niazi

    They have the home button

  • Abhishek C Raveendra

    May not have 3.5MM Audio Jack , now they it’s still there..
    May not have Home Button , If you know what I mean

  • Qazi Faisal

    Well they need too do something there loosing customers they havent done anything inovative in recent years and after the 4inch iphone big idea they need to win customers some how.personally being a techie i can never go iPhone after android ever but iphone users deserve something inovative once in a while too apple.

  • Upamanyu Kashyap

    I went to the showroom and the guy there said he only gets 2 sales a month

  • Upamanyu Kashyap

    Nikhil Bang and Olufsen is nice if I’m the Sheikh of Saudi, but you can get same audio quality without the bs for 100x cheaper, B&O is for design

  • Subhajeet Mazumder

    Looks like a copied Sony Z SERIES. .

  • Bharath Iyengar

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  • Rehan Shaikh

    Ya ya…apple will be destroyed if you didn’t buy an iPhone…it’s because of only you that they’ve survived so far

  • Manjeet Sachdeva

    home button nhi h O_o To wo gr kese aye ga!!! :D

  • Nikhil Kashyap

    Upamanyu Kashyap whats wrong with G5 with Bang & olufsen Module ?

  • Psych OG

    I want use SD card in iPhone. That facility I want

  • Habibur Rahman Habib

    Not a good decision iphone 7

  • Upamanyu Kashyap

    I’m waiting on next nexus, if it’s as good as 6p it will be in my pocket, nothing else. Apples BS is ridiculous

  • Upamanyu Kashyap

    I call bs, this rumor has been floating for 4years, apple’s patent for this is also 4 years old, if they would have done something it would have been done by now

  • Nikhil Kashyap

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  • Prashant Kumar Yadav

    who cares about what you want

  • Prashant Kumar Yadav

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    Looks like Xperia Z5 not impressed.

  • Aak Jaiswal

    So what’s new ??

  • Anmol Anmol

    I dont think so it is a tractional desig of apple so apple will never remove the home button

  • Mukul Mehra

    its nothing but a garbage against new upcoming SGS Note 6……

  • Bikram Singh

    One day it will not have screen also. U0001f602

  • Psych OG

    No I need wide screen like 5.5 inch r 5 then only I’ll buy. And one more thing I want use SD card in iPhone. No problem u leave ur company memory card only. Only it work apple memory card only.

  • Sid SuRaj

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