Moto G4 in India May be an Amazon Exclusive

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Moto G4 in India May be an Amazon Exclusive

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Tweets between Moto India and Amazon India seems to show that the 17th May launch of the expected Moto G4 may be an Amazon India Exclusive. While it is difficult to say what Moto will eventually launch in India, leaks have pointed towards a Moto G device which will be dubbed as the Moto G4.



Motorola has been associated with Flipkart since its re-launch as a brand few years back. Now that Lenovo has officially taken the reins of the operation it seems they will be choosing Amazon as their partner for this launch. Recently Moto also exclusively made available some variants of the Moto 360 gen 2 on Amazon India.

The Moto G4 and the Moto G4 plus which will feature Moto’s front square fingerprint scanner and now a 5.5-inch display, according to leaks, should be launched on the coming Tuesday.

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  • Chirag Chandnani

    Bubye Flipkart, thanks for your third class services.! will miss you alot..:)

  • Ravindran Vishwas

    Overpriced moto g4

  • Ayush Kothari

    Noone cares about ugle design

  • Snehit Shiraguppi

    most or all of the moto and lenovo phones will be Amazon exclusive now..

  • Vipin Gulve

    Jayant Datrange Flipkart che shot kele na bho

  • Ashhar Kirmani

    why they are shifted to amazon, which not even delivers in major states of India :-(

  • Vishish Chandravanshi

    moto g3 have bad look then other smartphone,what about the g4?

  • Nmn Walia

    na le bhai ayush

  • Âyushman ßhàrdwaj

    plz tell something more about moto g4 we know u r a partner with motorola u may b having some inside information..

  • Jairaj R Kurup terms of logistics,returns…etc

  • Anjan Pratapsingh

    Amazon is best

  • Anjan Pratapsingh

    It’s good that its no more an Flipkart exclusive

  • Joswin Concessao

    igyaan has partnered with Motorola. So it is obvious that he already has the phone and hopefully whatever he is telling is true.

  • Jairaj R Kurup

    These days everyone is launching on amazon

  • rkrishnaraja

    dhruvdhar1 igyaan price

  • Ponnu Swamy

    “moto on amazon”

  • Joy Khan

    I have used as 100 dollars to phone.

  • Geo R Ge

    Amazon overtake flipkart in india…… :v