Allo is Google’s new Messaging App : Google I/O

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Allo is Google’s new Messaging App : Google I/O

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Allo is Google’s new messaging app, another attempt from the company to take on the massive messaging space.

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Featuring a  new mode called whisper-shout, which lets you reduce or increase the size of the chat text before sending, Indicating your intent for the message.

The new app uses Google’s intelligent machine learning, to auto-predict replies and reduces typing by several times.

The Google Assistant sits within the messaging app and helps you do things like book movies, or reserve a table using open table. Things for which you would usually need to leave the app.

You can also have a one on one with the Google Assistant, asking questions and playing games with the virtual messaging buddy.

Allo will also include an incognito mode, which will encrypt messages end to end for the users.

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  • Hardeep Singh

    I would suggest instead of creating different apps like hangout and now allo can’t they include all features in a single app .??
    Which rules out to install diffent apps

  • Keshav Goel

    Allo lelo kande lelooo :v LOL

  • Govind Kumar

    As if pehle Google didn’t have any messaging app, secondly we all know what we use as our primary messaging app,still this kind of stuff ?!