Nokia to Make a Mega Comeback with Android Phones and Tablets

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Nokia to Make a Mega Comeback with Android Phones and Tablets

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This is news a lot of people have been waiting to hear. Nokia Smartphones will make a mega comeback in a brand licensing deal made by the Finnish company with HMD Global Ltd. to manufacture Android based Nokia branded handsets for the next 10 years.

HMD Global and its Taiwanese partner, FIH Mobile of FoxConn Technology Group, will take over Microsoft’s feature phone business for $350 million, which Microsoft had bought from Nokia in 2014.


When Microsoft bought over Nokia,in 2014, for US $7.2 Billion, the Redmond based computing giant dropped the name “Nokia” and continued to use the name Lumia. Microsoft had acquired rights to use the Nokia brand in smartphones for two years which the company let go of much earlier.

The new venture “Nokia” will now manufacture Android OS based handsets along with Tablets and will also continue to manufacture feature phones under the brand and expertise of Nokia.

Nokia has a big market to penetrate with veterans like Samsung and HTC, and many new Chinese companies ruling the eco-system.

The Nokia brand still has a strong legacy and is sure to get the attention it deserves at comeback.

This Video by iGyaan Talks about All things Nokia:


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  • SaurabhKrishna

    I swear by Nokia’s phones’ build and hardware quality. My Nokia lumia 925 has fallen on hard ground so many times. It once fell out of my hand while riding pillion on a moving motorbike. All it got was a dent at the metallic corner :)

  • Shuvojit Biswas

    Im wating…missing nokia very much..

  • ?????? ????? ?????

    That’s not Nokia, that’s Microsoft now. Nokia has sold mobile division to Microsoft.

  • Seizer Golam Rosul

    Gadha ra pore bujhlo….

  • Hun Moni Saikia

    gd jb …

  • Pranay Kumar

    welcome back our hero.waiting for you. now time came,history repeats,king is going to come back,now he is coming back as supreme.

  • Neetesh Kumar Verma

    Hujur aate aate bahut der kr di

  • Rajapandian S

    It’s on news ever since noike left the market

  • Nikhil Attri

    tooo late buy finally

  • Dhananjay Daga

    Maybe, cant say that yet!

  • Shubham Pandey

    Dhananjay Daga , android with good battery life U0001f47b

  • Hussnain Saleem

    I waiting it

  • Nishant Thakur

    Looking forward to what they can bring to the plate. Competition is getting tougher day by day. :)

  • Mahesh Walake

    awesome ….waiting fi that !!!!

  • LarryJersey

    Yeah welcome back for back up phone. lol

  • Archit Goel

    3 Saal se nokia c1 ki upcoming news pd rha hu.. #over_trolled

  • Abhishek Dalal

    Welcome back nokia. We all missed you alote. We all love you. Come back with a bang now.

  • Abhimanyu R Shrivastava

    One more joke please U0001f602U0001f602

  • Gaurav Grover

    My favourite company is finally coming back.. ^_^

  • Parthajit Das

    Come nokia ASAP

  • Kushal Kumar

    i still use Nokia feature phone as emergency phone …. waiting for permanent NOKIA Android

  • Chaitanya Pandey

    Unless there is some innovation by Nokia, it will be non existent

  • Monil Solanki

    Hahah har kar jitnd walo ko bazigar kehte hai

  • Sajjad Hossen

    Come on…its taking too much time

  • Mohammad Omar

    samsung be care full now ahahahahaha

  • Savan Mangukiya
    Install and get 10rs. Free talktime

  • Mustafa S Khan

    samsung be care full now ahahahahaha

  • Nakul Singh

    Sadly there market is over.

  • Saidul Hoque

    Once upon a time nokia was the king of mobile company ,I hope that they will get good response .

  • Ankit Manjhi

    Old is gold

  • Saket Tiwari

    Ankit Manjhi . Windows phone is a thing of past

  • Vislawath Sheshidhar

    legend is back

  • Karan Gadhavi

    Ryt its just market strategy to stay in market

  • Qureshi Faizan

    2 saal se sun rahe he

  • Madhu Sudhan Achar

    Hlo I’m passed childhood so I’m not easily lose my attitude what happens u people’s talking about others that’s ur job !! I think so ..I paste this one that is true but not I’m getting likes ..mind it
    U doing that work so u tell my self ahhh

  • Nakul Singh

    Nokia to come back with Android.
    I’ve read that before like 998 times, and Nokia still doing with windows phone in the market

  • HasHir BloCh

    copypaste you have no mind thatswhy you just copypaste to get likes. nowadays too many kids do thats why people are awaRe of this stuff. thats why i read last line first and thats prooff of your childness.

  • Èsçàpïst Qúïxõtîc Fèröçïoùs

    I am sick of android actually

  • Madhu Sudhan Achar

    Ya I copied and paste it u ….just …….

  • Madhu Sudhan Achar

    Lol u read only last line that shows how much stupid u are …

  • HasHir BloCh

    cause its copy paste.

  • HasHir BloCh

    lol. i just read last line. and i was right. it was enough to prove your stupidity.

  • Madhu Sudhan Achar

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  • ViKas RaiKwar

    Ritesh Tayade nd Parth Vasani Parth Vasani khus ho jao aa rha h the baap of mobiles… :p

  • Joshua V John

    Better to enter from the sub 10k segment.

  • Shahadat Hossain Rajib

    thank # nokia

  • Mohammed Akbar Pasha

    lol we need nokia android badly sick of using shameshit and ios

  • Jawad Ahmed

    let the show begins

  • Èsçàpïst Qúïxõtîc Fèröçïoùs

    O wowz ..but Nokia should stick to windows phone