Apple will launch the iPhone 7 in India at the Same Time as the US

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Apple will launch the iPhone 7 in India at the Same Time as the US

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Tim Cook’s recent India visit may have paid off more than people were expecting. Apple will launch the next iPhone 7 in India at the same time as most major markets like the US and the UK, according to our source, who is in proximity to the launch planning.

In India, Apple loses major of its initial sales push to the Grey market imports, or to people purchasing the iPhone overseas. Apple wants to cut this down by launching at the same time as the major markets.

India is one of the strongest growing smartphone markets in the world and Apple sees the large potential in the market.


iphone 7 backOur source (who explicitly wished to remain anonymous due to his dealings with Apple) also mentioned that Apple is working hard on bringing not only the official Apple Stores experience to the main cities, but also to the online Apple Store which does not exist in India.

The company (Apple) is not only in the process of setting up Apple Retail stores that everyone is talking about, but also the official online Apple Store, which will allow people to customise their purchases.

While this information is not far from what Apple has officially announced, and the company is in talks with the Indian government to allow licensing for the retail stores. We still have to see if Apple will bring the full Apple experience to India. Something which many users complain has been lacking, especially the Apple Care experience which is possibly the best anywhere an official Apple store exists.

If Apple does launch the “full experience” online Apple Store, people may finally be able to customise their MacBooks and iMac as per required specs, have them shipped directly to their houses and also finally be able to get “I’m Batman” laser engraved on their iPad or iPhone.

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  • Palash Madakwar

    Price is same.

  • Palash Madakwar

    Hmmmm sounds good.

  • Jay Soni

    Modi effect U0001f603U0001f603

  • Shubham Nanda

    Thank you Babu BiswasU0001f60a. Indians don’t understand anything easily. I know Vvinit that the price of iPhone increases because of taxes. But iPhone isn’t the only company in India in which government is putting taxes on. There are other companies also around like Samsung, LG, Sony, Lenovo, Motorola etc. But they are managing their selling price. So, it’s not our headache at all to think about those imposed taxes. It’s iPhone’s owner headache to minimize the price tag as much as possible so that it doesn’t look overpriced when it’s on launch. Ofcourse, iPhone provides better performance than other phones, no doubt since it’s OS is clean and has got powerful hardware but other phones aren’t even bad though at this range. I’ve so many iPhones too working slowly (iPhones over 1 or 1.5 year old). And same happens with other phones as well. And if I talk about durability, then Samsung can’t be neglected. If you buy any of it’s phones, that phone will work till it becomes completely dead. It will work even if any part of the phone is damaged or missing(externally) or screen is broken.
    I’m not at all asking for never buying iPhones. I’m just asking to Indians to stop buying iPhones for a while in India. If other companies can sacrifice with their price tags, then why not iPhone?

  • Babu Biswas

    subham nanda well said…..truth has been spoken……instead buy galaxy s7 edge

  • Bhagyesh Patel

    iPhones last long than any other products and prices may decrease in India after construction of Apple Store

  • Shanu Mudgal

    Not iPhone 7 people wants 7s

  • Avi Dwivedi

    But not with the same price as U.S.

  • Anjan Admi

    I think… The next apple i phone 7 will b. 1 lakh…. For 32 gb…

  • Lakshya Chopra

    It should be costly as is price

  • Siddharth Chaudhary

    Taxes har device pe lagte hai……One+ phones one almost as same rate in China as in India…..

  • Vvinit Khanna

    It’s justified as which gives u a quality product and strong os a better kernel and a good fusion of OS and hardware hence iPhone 6 ( dual core 1 gb ram) is compared with samsungs etc 8 core 3 gb ram etc etc
    And for price in India it’s because of the list of taxes indian gov puts on it

  • Vvinit Khanna

    What about indian gov ka list of tax jo lagta hai

  • Shubham Nanda

    I’m not asking to stop using iPhone, just stop buying overpriced stuffs so that thay also stop doing that. iPhone is really good but it doesn’t mean it will be overpriced.

  • Shubham Nanda

    U0001f602kyu chup…I just said what’s true.U0001f612

  • Shubham Nanda

    Indians shouldn’t buy expensive iPhones. They sell their phones at more higher price than it’s actual price(compared to other countries too). Means they’re fooling Indians because they know, Indians somehow gonna buy iPhone at any cost, even if it’s been priced at so expensive price as it increases their prestige among his/her friends since it’s such a expensive company, not exactly because it’s famous coz it’s famous because it’s one of the expensive mobile company.
    If people will stop showing interest in overpriced iPhones, then automatically they’ll start launching their iPhones at it’s actual cost atleast.U0001f606

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  • Ambarish Panda

    They must do it because India has now become a Developed country..

  • Somesh Kelkar

    IPhone sales are constantly deteriorating I think I iPhone 7 gonna be a failure

  • Vivek Khandai

    Price never be same

  • Labhesh Pande

    on which date

  • Pîyûsh Såçhãñ

    I think Apple understand that how much U. S market is important that much Indian markt also

  • Asim Raza

    Plz give me ifone thats vary beatifull

  • Shah Rukh Siddiqui

    india me to bht si aisi jga hyn jahan washroon tk launch ni huwe n tmlog iphone 7 launch krwaa rhy ho :p

  • Garv Gupta

    Ayush Kothari no lumia, and yeah m goin for s7

  • Ayush Kothari

    Price will be approx 70k….. in my opinion.
    And still that silly locked phone…

  • Ayush Kothari

    Android phones are far better in customization. So u can never feel boring….. try to understand android OS…

  • Ayush Kothari

    Buy a Samsung galaxy S7 edge for a brilliant change and a new OS for you.
    Or try lumia 950….

  • Rahul Dutta

    Base price will be 49999 according to sources

  • Mohammed Abbas

    Fake ha ya

  • Akshay Deshpande

    My dream phone

  • Sanuja Vinsuka Kumarage

    When it was expected to be lauched

  • Nihal Shankar

    Shiv Shankar Mortgage pleasee? U0001f606

  • Sahil Khan

    Thanks to srk!??

  • Visüzo Rhakho

    It shouldn’t only at the same time but same price.

  • Nadeem DeeMi

    Any idea about #lunching_date ?

  • Shahryar Mukthiar Ali Khoso

    What will be the price

  • Harshal Rathod

    It’s nice if they launched at the same price!nnn

  • Harshal Rathod

    No use !!

  • Sayed Sadqi Sadqi

    Muhammad Asim wer zu na

  • Prateek Gupta

    What about launching with contract, same way as US?

  • Garv Gupta

    Chaudhary Vivek Panwar wo to zahir hain U0001f61d
    tumhara nai pata bhaiU0001f61d

  • Chaudhary Vivek Panwar

    But Tera prospect sabko pta h :*

  • Garv Gupta

    Chaudhary Vivek Panwar depend karta hai tumhara prospect kya hai U0001f602U0001f601

  • Chaudhary Vivek Panwar

    Tu aur Tere Shauk…
    Waise to #nawabi Shauk to nahi h Tere?

  • Vikas Tadasur

    Wow sounds great iPhone 7U0001f60d

  • Ritam Tripathi

    they killed the design.

  • Ritam Tripathi

    awesome idea u should be the ceo of apple

  • Deepak Kashyap

    Sooo now we r at d level of US all thanks to Modi Govt #modileher U0001f607

  • Prannoy Chauhan

    What about the money factor U0001f615

  • Adeep Singh Saggu

    iss phn ko lene ke lye log phr se apni kidny ka rate lgayenge :p

  • Chetan Shinde

    Time of sell kidney.

  • Garv Gupta

    Apoorv bhai sab kar liya U0001f602 galaxy s2 jab release hua tha, tabse start kiya and mostly devices use kar chuka hu U0001f61d

  • Apoorv

    Bass to Kyu Bored ho raha h bhai …just try new things on android… Root them flash them try new custom rom hacking nd all … U0001f602 U0001f44c

  • Utkarsh Dev

    Wow bhai Parag Devrath U0001f49fU0001f60eU0001f60b

  • Garv Gupta

    Chaudhary Vivek Panwar naah bhai, shauk hai bas,
    shauk badi cheez hai U0001f60e

  • Garv Gupta

    Apoorv already have U0001f601 right now s6 edge, already ordered blackberry priv U0001f601

  • Apoorv

    Lol Try Android…. U Will Never Get Bored Again Hehe

  • Atharv Yadav

    We need same price not timeU0001f602U0001f602

  • Kashif Iqbal

    Dosto aik achi khbr 1 asi app jo k ap ko ameer bna sakti ha us app ka nam champcash ha…is app k zrie ap paisy bna sakty ho ye jhot ni ha ye bilkull such ha ager koi kahta k ye jhot ha tu wo buss kahta hi ha….ap iss ap ko download kro gy to ap ko aik id numbr dy ga jo koi b ap ka wo sponser id use kry ga ap ko 60 rupees milen gy un pason ko ap apny bank account ma transfeer kr sakty ho jitny log b ap ki sponser id use kren gy us sy to ap ko paisy milen gy hi lakin un logon ki sponer id ko jo use kry ga us ma sy b ap ko paisy milen gy yani ap ki aik team bn jay gi jitny membr zyda hon gy utny hi ap ko piasy zyda ay gy app ka download ka treqa ye ha….
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  • Chaudhary Vivek Panwar

    Waise tune bnaya nhi kbhi…. Tune recharge karne ki dukaan khol li h?

  • Chaudhary Vivek Panwar

    Abe bhai he be bore ho gye…. Tu aur Teri blabbing about phones

  • Neeraj Gupta

    And What will be the price… 1 lakh….??

  • HimansHu RaNe

    Hope price remains the same.

  • Harsh Mehta

    Viranshi Kamdar you can wait

  • Mohammad Sharique

    …as “in” the US.

  • Venkat Mithun

    Tazwar Karib Boss Well Said !

  • Saad Faheem

    :D :P :D

  • Saad Faheem

    Mirza Shahrukh pakistan ka no kb ay ga ? :D :D

  • Garv Gupta

    Chaudhary Vivek Panwar thats y i said getting bored with the iphones U0001f602 all are same to much extent,
    bt still kab tak latest iphone sirf processor speed k liye lenge U0001f602

  • Garv Gupta

    Chaudhary Vivek Panwar hain?
    bhai i was having iphone 5 and 5s in colg days!
    still i have iphone 6s and jst sold out the iPhone 6s plus U0001f61d

  • Chaudhary Vivek Panwar

    Dude…. Get an iPhone. We are also bored by your stupid theory!

  • Pratik Chavan

    or kitne chahiye acchee din ??

  • Garv Gupta

    getting bore with the iphones now,
    do something new!

  • Himanshu Phartiyal

    I wish it was same price rather than time U0001f61c

  • Biswajit Biswas

    At first they should manage the price, Indian variant always costs 30% more !

  • Junaid Abbas

    Big mistake :P

  • Madhur Inani

    Was expecting this comment from someone!!! Lol

  • Koushal Gadekar

    Launching price would be Rs. 99,999 Only :P

  • Koushal Gadekar

    Nop. Rs. 99,999 Only. :P

  • Kunwar Preet Singh

    Hun eh ta haiga hi a fe

  • Ashish Shrivas

    where is my 15thousand Iphone 5s ?
    you guys just create hoaxes ,,,:(

  • Visüzo Rhakho

    iphone 7 sounds great

  • Visüzo Rhakho

    And dowry too.. U0001f602

  • TamanPreet Singh

    But not at same price as they did last time

  • Ali Mehraiz

    when it was xpected to be launchd?

  • Kunwar Preet Singh

    TamanPreet Singh wadhiya

  • Darpan Sharma

    Rishabh Chawla U0001f612 y dkh

  • Tazwar Karib Boss

    Well sayed U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Sau Rabh

    Atulya Sachit kidney bechne k liye tayyar? XD

  • Ameya Dhavale

    I am the one who thinks ‘Yess now iPhone 6s ‘s price will drop down and I will buy one… ;)

  • Ashutosh Tharwal

    Price would be 1Lakh rupees only…

  • Malik Lala

    HEAVY QABAR TIYAR HAU0001f61cU0001f61c

  • Siddharth Chaudhary

    What about trying to launch it at the same price as US??

  • Sanjiv Mkh

    Manthan Jois Look

  • Vishal Yadav

    Price same rakkho to maaane!!!

  • Babu Kabak

    no one cares!!

  • jkdjdon

    igyaan pallavibatra99

  • Nakul Singh

    I’m wondering if they will make the phone internationally ugly…

  • Sagar Bagwe

    What about Price?

  • Gaurav Sahu

    Grt realy excied ….

  • Aiman Pardiwala

    And suddenly my mind says, aur kitne chahiye accha din mitro.

  • Dhruv Gupta

    Bhai Sab moh maya hai. Abhi panga already hogya hai cook and Indian Government Ka U0001f602

  • Aditya Rikame

    What abt the pricing :D

  • Aleezy Shah

    ? ? ______wo?? c?and? ?a? c?a??na? ?
    ______wo?? ?a?j?don? ?a? ?awarna? ?
    ________wo?? ???l?ano? ??? d?oo?? ?
    ___________ra?zan? ??? co??ng? ?oon___? ?? ?8-| ??
    / ??RAMDAN MUBARAK??FROM |||| ?AQIB MALIK? |||| /

  • Sayantan Chaki

    still no one will buy

  • Lakshit Bedi

    Dhruv online store will be great!

  • simplygovind

    igyaan Time is OK…what about same Price ??

  • Lalit Jagwani

    I hope they also keep the pricing Same ..

  • Tanmoy Saha

    kidney sale is coming soon. :P

  • Piyush Rana

    Aa gaye Achhe Din ;)

  • Indrajeet Bhuyan

    Aur kitne acche din chahiye mitroon :v

  • Keyur Bhesania

    aur Price itna hoga ki ek TATA nano aa jaye :p

  • Junaid Khanx


  • Rajarshi Ghosh

    And there will be plenty of people lining outside the stores just to try out the phone U0001f602