This is What Samsung’s Next Galaxy Note Looks Like

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This is What Samsung’s Next Galaxy Note Looks Like

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Renders of the next Galaxy Note phone from Samsung not only come with the details of the design shift but also a name shift. Samsung will reportedly call the next Note device Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to make the Galaxy S and Note series phones align with the nomenclature.


According to leaks from French site the Galaxy Note 7 will apparently measure 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm and will also be available in an Edge variant which will replace the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus for 2016.


The renders which the site claims are true, show off a USB Type-C port which falls in line with many of the rumors in the past.



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  • Manpreet Kaur


  • Awais Ahmed

    Its so new its old

  • Tanveer KaXmee

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  • Break Ice

    Same boring design

  • Keyur Bhesania

    the guy is retard himself.

  • Radha Lokesh

    Have u ever seen a HTC? Or did u just act that u didn’t?

  • Sahil Samrat

    We are not talking about functionality here.
    What u said is it is a copy of apple which is not true.
    And as far the edge concept is concerned, it might not have much functionality but it definitely looks amazing.

  • Priyadarshan Dayal

    And there it is, you made my point

  • Këshang Taman?

    Its uniquness is the curved side display itself. May be you were asking about usefulness. Ask me and I’ll answer u that too

  • Këshang Taman?

    Nope,I can totally read the reality outta your aggresive fake statement.

  • Anika Tahsin

    :v yah and who told you that ur mother?

  • Këshang Taman?

    Probably the shittiest thing ever is your English. Oh,and you never owned or even used a GN5 so f*** the shup up wannabe girl.

  • Anika Tahsin

    Samsung is of no good -_- , i have been using note 5 f9r 4 months and it has the shittiest performance ever. -_-

  • Vaibhav Rawat

    Meh just another note.

  • Priyadarshan Dayal

    Keyur , please explain its uniqueness

  • Keyur Bhesania

    Priyadarshan Dayal edge screen is unique thing. and did you ever tried to design in 3d software? you know how hard it is? making joke is easiest thing in world.

  • Priyadarshan Dayal

    @keshang I have never owned any Apple device so your comment is

  • Priyadarshan Dayal

    @Karthick don’t you think everyone is copying Apple and HTC

  • Priyadarshan Dayal

    @ Sahil Samrat you do understand that edged screen is stupid and has advantages for lazy people only

  • Karthick Balaguru

    Samsung Isn’t copying iPhone. Try photoshping what you said and definitely both mobiles will not be same

  • Sahil Samrat

    One of the best looking phones!
    I wish its exactly the same as the prototype.

  • Sahil Samrat

    Samsung’s edge design is way better than the iphone 6 design.
    And that edge concept is not copied from anyone.

  • Ali Zubair

    Sow sow quot

  • ????? ????

    U0001f602U0001f602 I Agree U0001f44c

  • Priyadarshan Dayal

    The easiest thing is producing renders of Samsung devices, take a picture of iPhone, erase Apple ‘s logo, write Samsung there and walah here is a new Samsung device

  • Kashif Hasan

    Dr sahab ab isko bhi support krenge!!!!