Apple May Launch 3 Separate iPhone 7 Variants

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Apple May Launch 3 Separate iPhone 7 Variants

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This has been a terrible year of leaks for the iPhone 7, with information on Apple’s next iPhone availble as early as Feburary the next iPhone has been seen in images and in video.

The latest images put the three variants of the iPhone 7 together. Reportedly the iPhone 7, The iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro, these phones are expected to match many of the leaks includian the ommision of the Headphone jack.

iphone 7 leak

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus seem to be getting a new design along with a bigger camera lens, however the iPhone 7 Pro will get the dual camera treatment and the smart connector dots.

Earlier reports cliamed Apple was testing two 5.5-inch iPhone 7 models. However, this is the first time an iPhone 7 plus with a single big camera lens has been spotted. Interestingly the back image also shows an [s] which is usually seen in the second edition of iPhones like the iPhone 6s. This might mean that someone is just messing with your head, or that these are really good mockups putting rumors together. iphone 7 front

The video below however, shows an iPhone 7 running with the display on, interestingly the video maker does not touch the screen or use the phone. The quality of the video also suggests that its is an illuminated dummy being passed off as an iPhone. However at this point it is difficult to guess what Apple will put out this year in September. Till then, Enjoy the leaks!

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Nitish Verma

And for the cheapest one you just have to sell a pancreas..Not Kidney #SOEXCITED

Nandan Shinde

I own iphone 6s plus and 5c too

Schläger Leben

S6 edge sucks when it comes to battery life. I own one. It started overheating these days. Screen on time 3 hours

Rajan Singh

Phones should not be so thin and there should be a curve on back to make it comfortable and safe hold.

Marvelous Marcus

Hey who won that iPhone 6 contest?

Raju Radhakrishnan

But will have the best camera & some new charging capabilities …

Nandan Shinde

That pro version is ugly af

Atul Patnaik

S logo on back LMAO Super Fake

Yasir Ali

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