Apple May launch a Curved Screen iPhone in 2017

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Apple May launch a Curved Screen iPhone in 2017

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With the iPhone 7 (or is it the iPhone 6SE) launch just around the corner, A report from the Nikkei Asian Review, with ties close to Apple is claiming that the largest tech company in the world is working on what may be a curved screen iPhone for 2017.

If read correctly, the report claims that Apple will launch a total of three phones, a 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch flat phone along with a 5.5 inch device with a curve. This would be especially similar to the Samsung strategy of the curved phones since the Note Edge in 2014.

This rumour is further detailed thanks to a patent that has been granted to Apple for a curvy phone.No further details of the smartphone are yet available. It also seems that Apple may need to switch to either OLED display from Samsung or POLED display from LG, to allow for such a device to exist. However, according to rumours Apple may switch to OLED display for the iPhone 7 which will launch in  a few weeks time.

curved iphone patent

Traditionally people have stayed away from curved screen phones, however, Samsung has this year put the fear of the curve in the past by launching its flagship in a edge only format, which means that this is the first time a Samsung Note device is available with a flat variant. Also putting weight into the fact that users are now more accepting of the radical curved design.


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