100,000 Moto E3 Power Sold on Day 1

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100,000 Moto E3 Power Sold on Day 1

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In what is claimed to be the largest ever sale, Flipkart sold over 100,000 Moto E3 power handsets. Lenovo launched the Moto E3 Power with a large 3500 mAh battery for Rs. 7999 earlier this week.

The Moto E3 Power is a revision to the Moto E Gen 2 which was a highly successful device from the company. The Moto E3 is just Rs. 1000 cheaper than the Moto G4 Play launched last week.

In case you are wondering which phone will be better for you, check our comparison below.


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  • Madhur Gupta

    Aree abhi return jo honge 30000 ya 40000…..

  • Babu B

    Ban China phones

  • Humza Qureshi

    I’m not surprised, people are again considering the brand name rather than looking at specs. I wouldn’t say E3 has bad specs but one can argue its not as great as its competitors.

  • Adil Husain

    Toh ye moto and apple kaunsa America and India me Bana rahe hai ??? Jante nai hai toh band rakha karo muh…… Sare phones almost every phone even apple and Samsung are made in China… So just shut up

  • Rinkesh Gajjar

    Does it have Gorilla Glass screen?

  • Siddhant Singh

    Xiaomi and Motorola (owned by Lenovo) are both Chinese companies

  • Neeraj Saini

    Chutiye hi ha saale…kuch achi companies same price pe 3x power performance di rhi ha phir b aisa karte hai!

  • Neeraj Saini

    Sir redmi 3s is made in india U0001f60aU0001f60a

  • Abhishek Bhatnagar

    who the hell bought that phone?

  • Shoaib Saudagar

    Redmi China ka maalU0001f602

  • Adil Husain

    Hmmm that’s the only thing that keeps Moto going

  • Subham Gupta

    Android updates & stock android experience makes it a better deal

  • Adil Husain

    Really ??? Redmi 3 s was a much better option

  • Pranav Srivastava much money to waste

  • Anshuman Pandey

    1 mera hai ;)