Google Launches Pixel for US$ 649

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Google Launches Pixel for US$ 649

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Google at their #madebyGoogle event announced the Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. The new smartphones come with the Pixel UI.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL will be the first phone that comes with Google Assistant out of the box. The Google Assistant comes with their new machine learning AI which sits right on the Pixel.


DXOmark rates the Google Pixel’s camera at 89 a 3 points above the iPhone 7. The camera on the Pixel is a 12.3 MP camera with f/2.0 aperture and a 1.55 micron pixel size. You get HDR Plus, without any shutter lag and smart bursts which select the best shot.

Google Pixel comes with unlimited online storage for Photos and Videos at full quality. The Pixel phones are the latest to run Android Nougat (version 7.1), the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. Additionally, with Pixel  you also get a customer care on call 24/7 with Google via the settings app. You can also share your screen live with the support agents for troubleshooting.


The Pixel will come with a 5 inch display while the Pixel XL comes with a 5.5 inch display. Both have a AMOLED screen. The Pixel and Pixel XL run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with 4GB of RAM. The Pixel will get a 2770 mAh battery while the Pixel XL gets a large 3450 mAh battery.


Both phones come with two storage options at 32 GB and 128 GB and three colour options subtle named Quite Black, Very Silver and Really Blue.

Both the Google Pixel and Pixel XL come with USB Type C port, still retaining the 3.5mm headphone jack and the same cameras. Pixel is available for pre-order today in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany and the U.K. — India coming soon with pre orders starting 13th Oct. In India the Pixel will sell on Flipkart, Reliance Digital and Tata Croma stores.



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  • Anil KhInchi

    price is way high….

  • Manoj Kumar

    What was a price

  • Akash Sharma

    Can’t wait for this

  • Vivek Khandai

    No expansion sd card

  • Manjunath Srinivasa

    Nope It’s made by HTC

  • ???????? ?? ??

    Hi from which site you got the back cover for op3

  • Hiren Bhatt

    @nikunj ranka google has given htc to make a future device lg is no more

  • Prashant Rawat

    It will be always costly ..

  • Sandjaie Ravi

    It’s made by Google

  • Sandjaie Ravi

    Nope.. it’s made by Google itself

  • Vishesh Koul

    Joy Gambhir Le le le le le le le le le

  • Capt-Ali Hassnain Memon

    Mama Arsalan Hamerani 65000 inkha bhalo thai S7 Edge ain VR wathjan

  • Sachin Jangra

    I went blind after seeing the price!

  • Girish Nitin Panchal

    649 that too for small one… nop thanks

  • Abhay Singh

    I would rather stick with the mi5 which just 300 odd $…

  • Manjunath Srinivasa

    Yes both the Pixel phones are made by HTC.

  • Amlan Mukherjee

    yes u r right and its too costly

  • Manjunath Srinivasa

    This is Google’s 1st attempt at full control over phone, design blah blah inside and out I would say wait for next Pixel phones- 2017.

  • Tushar Goel

    Sachin Jangra man see this

  • Manjunath Srinivasa

    Hardware is of 2015 as it’s 2015 flagship, having said that camera is awesome, comes with snapdragon 810 3GB RAM, And till date it’s never hung nor stuttered, its running Butter smooth even after 10 months.

  • Praveen Nehruji

    How is 6p’s performance???? Bro!!!?

  • Nikunj Ranka

    Is these phones made by HTC?

  • Manjunath Srinivasa

    They insulted Nexus 6p by not releasing a worthy successorU0001f621, What went wrong #Google? Have you forgotten how to price and design phones, This is like taking steps backwardsU0001f621, I am sticking with my Nexus 6P.U0001f607

  • Vtipné obrázky a ?ierny humor

    Overpriced Low End WTF?