Samsung Kills Note 7 Production After Replacement Units Catch Fire

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Samsung Kills Note 7 Production After Replacement Units Catch Fire

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has turned in the Achilles’ heel for the South Korean electronics giant, leading to irreparable damage to the company’s reputation.

The new smartphone which was touted by many as being the best Android Smartphone of the year initially started to catch fire while charging. The company then issued a global recall of the smartphone, which in itself was poorly executed, while reports of more Samsung phones, including the Galaxy S7 Edge, Core Prime and some other previous models of Galaxy Note catching fire and exploding emerged.

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Earlier Airline authorities FAA and even the DGCA in India had banned the Note 7 to the extent that the phone had to be kept off during the flight, while replacement units, ones with the green battery icon could be used.

However, a replacement unit of the Galaxy Note 7 with a green icon, exploded aboard a US flight last week. This makes even the replacement Note 7 units unsafe.

Note 7 hands on 4

Samsung, while temporarily,  has killed the production of its Note 7 handset, and may dispose 2.5 Million Recalled phones along with 1 million replacement units it had manufactured. While the company is still struggling to recall the 2.5 million phones that are already out in the world, Samsung officials shrugged off reports of overheated batteries, calling the incidents “isolated cases” related to issues of mass.

The Galaxy Note 7 replacement process has also been stopped, meaning, you no longer can replace your affected Galaxy Note 7 phone with a new replacement Galaxy Note 7 with a green charging indicator.

Many Galaxy Note 7 handsets sold via non official channels remain in countries like India, where a process to recall them has not ben instated, making the handsets a risk to several consumers who continue to use the phones.


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  • Shubham Kumar Nayak

    The battery which blast was from their own plant only……

  • Amit Narkhede

    ha varsha sukha sukha jaanar bc flagships madhye. Google pan hagli aani Samsung pan

  • Adityan K Rajendran

    Buy a one plus 3 for now and then buy Samsung galaxy 8 when it releases

  • Ashish Shrivas

    Brilliantly said sir

  • Balbir Sardar

    I was still thinking of getting a note 7 so now what to do should I wait or buy a s7 edge and if I wait how long I have to wait , help igyaan

  • Vishwas Nayak

    Nawaf Haroon Joshua Dsouza sadness.

  • Garv Gupta

    Deepak Kr naah dun like it!

  • Garv Gupta

    Joban Virk one plus 3 is good but i don’t wanna go for it!

  • ?????? ??. ??.

    Samsung note ….the end…RIP

  • Vishal Shukla

    But online sites are telling that Samsung stopped the note 7 productions

  • Joban Virk

    Garv Gupta oneplus 3

  • Aditya Bhandari

    Chill bro, their is a official statement in samsung’s website. Your phone is coming it’s only delayed.

  • Durga Varaprasad Bali

    Sad …. Such a wonderful mobile suffering from battery issues…

  • Hritik Biswas

    What are they giving in exchange

  • Deepak Kr

    You can still buy Google pixel

  • Aziz Panjwani

    RIP NOTE 7 and all the future note handsets

  • Rizvan?e Dž

    Ahmet Veysel taslatiririm samsungi brate

  • Himanshu Verma

    ab krte rho s7 s7 tym gya ab s7 ka..!! hence prooved baap baap hta hai rate high rkhne se phn shi ni hta ..!!U0001f613

  • Amardeep Singh

    samsung n apple must fuddu companies….looting people

  • Akshat Khanna

    Suraj gaya yaar ye phone toh :P :P :P

  • Sahil Samrat

    S7 beats iphone 7’s camera

  • Aditya Prasanna

    It’s camera was rated way better xD

  • Anup Thomas

    what if this explosions are due to some virus…….

  • Abishek Abi

    Thats nt a surprise anymore

  • ImpreSive Danny

    Ali Khan bs os ba note6 raoze kna :p

  • ImpreSive Danny

    Bauht afsoos howa ali :(

  • Sam Steffin Rajan

    we can celebrate this Diwali with note7, happy blasting Diwali.

  • Rahat Imran

    U0001f61c samsung should kill themself and do a favour on mobile U0001f30e.

  • Vishal Shukla

    So i have preordered it. They will offer me refund. I am really sad. This was going to be the best phone.

  • Harshad Sachdeva

    Yes no more fire catching accidents

  • Chinmay Manoj

    Its camera isn’t better than the S7 edge’s

  • Aditya Prasanna

    Arya Arun Chinmay Manoj now the iphone 7 has no competition. Sad in fact.

  • Chirag Gupta

    Bc U0001f602U0001f602 i loved them

  • Ayush Rathee

    It’s the ghost of Note 6, trying to destroy samsung.

  • Garv Gupta

    Spandan Guha hahahahahaha naah note 7 is a better option!
    i never expected from Samsung that this kind of thing will happen,
    i really liked this device when i saw it very first time but!!

  • Spandan Guha

    Why not buy a hand grenade instead of note 7, you can still expect the same outcome U0001f601

  • Dinesh Nadar

    Suresh Bhati Hahaha U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Jimmy Chermako

    Rip note series

  • Jimmy Chermako

    Trying to compete Apple while keeping its price high like them.. Forgot about the quality and usability!!

  • Samudra Manikya Sengupta

    Samsung is now so pissed after this….U0001f611U0001f611U0001f611U0001f611

  • Garv Gupta

    wth U0001f625
    i was waiting for this phone so desperately, U0001f613
    now there is no device to buy in market!

  • Gurnoor Mann

    what a blunder .they are going to lose many customers for sure

  • Satish Ghone

    Amit karma U0001f602

  • Roshan Jain

    Chirag Gupta khatam note series

  • Mainak Crixallis

    karma for them . 18k samshit phones in india have only 2 sensors .. earn more . . payback time