OnePlus 3 Production Run Ended, OnePlus 3 Mini to Launch Soon !

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OnePlus 3 Production Run Ended, OnePlus 3 Mini to Launch Soon !

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OnePlus may have ended the production for their OnePlus 3 flagship phone, due to which the delivery times for the phone in most countries is between three and four weeks for the OnePlus 3 to ship. In India, however, stocks seem to be aplenty for both the Graphite and Gold colour variant.

OnePlus has faced major problems securing proper supplies of the AMOLED panels which are in short supply due to their popularity. One new news emerging is that the company will be halting production of the current outgoing OnePlus 3 smartphone and replacing it with an upcoming model which will feature an LCD display. The reworked handset is expected to be the OnePlus 3 Plus or the OnePlus 3 Mini which was recently caught on benchmarks with a 4.6 inch 1920 x 1080p display along with Snapdragon 820 and 6 GB of RAM along with 64 GB of storage.


The limited Edition Gold Model Stocks are sold worldwide, however India seems to be the only country with stocks. OnePlus will sell out the Graphite OnePlus 3 for the time being, till the next phone is launched.

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  • MuhammedTahir

    if this is true (the 4.6 inch size) then this is what i have been waiting for. i love compact phones and i hate those giant monsters that has become common in the market, if you want a really big screen, directly buy a tablet and keep one compact phone for those calls and whatsapp, that is the way i like it, since 5 inch and 5.5 inch has become the standard for high spec phones, i have had no option for a year now, the only options were maybe iphone or blackberry, i can’t afford a iphone and don’t want to buy an extinct phone :) .. currently using the moto e 2nd gen..looking forward to the mini

  • Ashray Kengunte

    So I guess we need to take good care of our AMOLED display.

  • Sandy Ahirwar

    Should be priced under 15000

  • Mohammed Irshad

    Lol Amaan Sheriff

  • Jay Vyas

    Plz update your old stories, oneplus confirms of no such thing. If u r fast enough to run a rumor, show us the official statement also. Comon igyaan dnt be a…..

  • Narender Singh

    Chutiya website, chutiya article.

  • Vishal Venkat

    Praveen Dharmalingam and Srikanth Ramalingam seriously?U0001f611U0001f611

  • Sahir Deen

    Yeaa oneplus3 dhaan …!

  • Manav Raj

    Manav Madaan le le dheele

  • Amaan Sheriff

    Best phone ever

  • Apurva Bhayani

    Pranav sirji oneplus 3 is a useless company

  • Shreyas Ramesh

    Mini or Plus?

  • Gagan Malhi

    I have onepluse 3 soft gold

  • Mohammed Irshad

    Then useless.. can’t keep in pocket

  • Shikha Guwalani

    His wish has been granted U0001f61cU0001f61c

  • Snehasish Dey

    Shobhan, brace urself

  • Sahir Deen

    Some say its an 6inch phablet .. tats wot I’m thinking … !

  • Vikram Premanand

    Yeah that’s what modern phone manufacturers do to the trend.

  • Mohammed Irshad

    Sahir Deen.. don’t buy

  • Mohid Shaikh

    No point of calling it Mini then xD

  • Hemant Panchal

    No chihese products please

  • Aabid Faiyaz

    Igyaan ur trying to say there no way 8 can buy op3 from store or from amazon? ? Please reply

  • Er N?y??

    ^^^ ya… if you succeed , PLEASE manufacture one for me also U0001f602U0001f609U0001f602

  • Chinmay Salunke

    Tomorrow something releasing check there official page

  • Aman Arora

    ye kya ho rha hai aajkal companies ko ?
    pehle samsung ne note 7 discontinue kar diya aur ab ye dusra version nikaal rhe hain oneplus3 ko discontinue krke …

  • Chandan Kulkarni

    Saurav Bv Bwahaha :3

  • Chandan Kulkarni

    Ashray Kengunte Shashank Suresh wohooooooo

  • Mohammed Salman

    OnePlus has run out of AMOLED panels, so they are planning to replace the demand with a significant updated handset with SD821 with IPS LCD.
    Nothing can beat AMOLED display, long live OnePlus 3 U0001f3a9

  • Vikas Sagar

    You can buy OnePlus one…. m using it to last 18 month’s…. it’s totally worth

  • Deepayan Dey

    Divyam Dey maybe you should wait

  • Harshad Sachdeva

    Aman Sachdeva ab kya hoga tera phone band ho gaya

  • Michael L Rokhum

    No! Don’t do it oneplus!!

  • Saia Zote

    It will worth. 5inch is quite enough

  • Michael L Rokhum

    Please don’t. No one will want it. It’s not worth making it only for little few!!

  • Vivek Sagar

    Shikha Guwalani he wants to be alone

  • Vikram Premanand

    – Shia Labeouf.

  • Siddharth Bhate

    I cannot believe. Please stop talking to me !! I want to be alone

  • Er N?y??

    Brothers, stop dreaming U0001f62dU0001f62d

  • Vikram Premanand


  • Sagnik Ghosh

    Yesssssssssssssss, that’ll be amazing.

  • Saia Zote

    Make it 5 Inch with same internals and sell it for around 20k

  • Kunal Sachde

    Raj Majethia buy it unless its over U0001f602U0001f602

  • Vivek Sagar

    Siddharth Bhate next phone?

  • Shannon Rego

    Wow iam lucky to have OnePlus 3

  • Vikram Premanand

    20-22k. SD821. 4-6GB RAM. 4.7-5 inch 1080p. Same camera. 3500mAh battery.

  • Dwayne Rooney Fernandes

    So there is no source at all?

  • Abhishek Gupta

    Perfect planned
    I m surely gonna have this

  • Sidharth Sanjeev

    I don’t think there will be a oneplus 3 mini. Oneplus X was kind of like an experiment that didn’t go well. One flagship phone per year is the best formula for oneplus.

  • Sagnik Ghosh

    Should reduce the screen size.

  • Vikram Premanand

    I’ll buy it myself if they have it nice.

  • Vikram Premanand

    Sagnik. They shouldn’t skimp on the specifications like the rest of the manufacturers with their mini. I’ll definitely buy this if they keep it very powerful with a 1080p screen and an amazing battery, camera and everything as good as the OP3, if not better.

  • Rohan Shetye

    How to win this phone frm u