Samsung Giving US $ 100 Credit To People Who Return Their Note 7

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Samsung Giving US $ 100 Credit To People Who Return Their Note 7

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The Note 7 is Dead and with it Samsung has essentially lost market share, customer loyalty and a whole lot of goodwill for the fiasco, not to mention billions of dollars of losses and enormous environmental trash. But, in a last ditch effort to save face with Samsung owners atleast in the US, Samsung is offering US $ 100 in Samsung Credit (for future purchases) to those who exchange the Galaxy Note 7 with another Samsung device.

Samsung will still give you just $25 if you decide to rather switch to Apple, HTC or any other brand. The best option might be to avoid the exchange and get a full refund where available.

The Note 7 is not the only device affected with the battery issues, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are also reportedly prone to battery explosions and the Galaxy S7 Active limited to certain regions also has Battery explosion issues.

Samsung has had a horrible time getting control of the issue, and it still does not have a system in place for all the unofficial phones that pose a life risk in countries where the Note 7 has not been officially launched but available via the grey markets.

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  • Shreyas Raju

    That’s why I don’t prefer Samsung

  • ?????? ????? ?????

    If it doesn’t catch fire

  • Majid Mahmood

    They will get full refund or Samsung galaxy s7edge.. additionally $100 will be given

  • Mihir Vasani

    Bharat dont give back ur phone.!!! It will be a collectors item years later

  • Thomas Sumanth

    they giving a new galaxy device with 100$ credit …..that title though pff

  • Shantanu Manerikar

    Feeling really sad for Samsung right now

  • Arpit Singh

    appriciate to samsung

  • Nikhil Goel

    What about the money customer spend on buying dis BOMB?