Samsung Will Dispose The Note 7 Not Refurbish Them

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Samsung Will Dispose The Note 7 Not Refurbish Them

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Samsung has confirmed that they will be putting the Note 7 to rest the old fashioned way. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units will be completely disposed off, as it seems Samsung wants no reminder of its failings. Samsung has already adjusted its quarterly estimates to account for  $2 billion in losses.

The reality is that, short of Apple’s new recycling initiatives, smartphones are not really recycled. They end up in landfills causing huge environmental damage. Samsung has in all manufactured over 2 million Note 7s, and inefficient manufacturing along with no plans of smartphone recycling  make the difficult-to-mine rare earth elements, like gold, silver, copper, platinum and aluminium among other components irrecoverable.

Note 7 hands on 19

Now those with interest in mining phones should start hunting up dumping grounds where Samsung will lay the Note 7 to rest, however, it it is anything like Atari’s story, they might just show up in the future.


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  • Jacob Mammen

    They better call army to defuse it

  • Ran Rui Nuo

    Maybe they can donate all of this to military to use for terrories U0001f601

  • Jasraj Singh Bhatia

    Please samsung give all of them to me i will handle it even if battery malfunctions

  • Nikhil Joseph

    This is what happens when you skip “note 6”

  • Paras Marwah

    RIP NOTE 7U0001f62dU0001f62dU0001f62d
    Best smartphone ever..