India Is Not Pre-Ordering the Pixel Like Expected

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India Is Not Pre-Ordering the Pixel Like Expected

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The Google Pixel is a successor to the successful Nexus line of phones which started to dwindle in popularity towards the end of their cycle. Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL are what iPhone and iPhone Plus are to Apple, proprietary phones, designed to work perfectly well with their software. The Google Pixel and Pixel XL also break the traditional price barrier for Nexus devices pricing them upwards of US$ 649 and in India starting at a Rs. 57000 slightly short of the iPhone 7 price tag. pixel-colors However, the Google Pixel has failed to excite the Indian consumers like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus did, according to our source at Flipkart. The company has received little pre-orders and are falling short of expectations the sales teams had. Google has also started pushing advertisements  in India for the Pixel in order to excite potential customers. However general expectations of price have been off from he users and the pricing seems high despite the specifications on the Pixel handsets. The most expensive Pixel Xl with 128 GB storage is expected to sell the least and is priced at Rs. 76000.

Presently the Very Silver and Quite Black colours of the phone are on sale and the Really Blue colour is not expected in India. Are you waiting to buy the Pixel or the Pixel XL or would you rather buy something else?


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  • Vishal Giri

    bro, google has done some software optimization in camera to make it work like OIS it doesn’t hv one like LG G5 or S7..

  • Avyay Agarwal

    Chinmaya Nathany … Do them a favour

  • Bhavneet Singh

    At last. .. Indians are waiting for other countries to buy and wait for the review…otherwise what if something as S7 happens with pixel… if all goes well then #Google just have to wait before a tremendous sale of #pixel in #India begins…..

  • Souvik Das

    There is a clear difference between basic and premium products.
    Diposable incomes determine your consumption.

  • Kishore Kumar

    The price they ask for is tooooooo much…. Google you are rich please reduce the price

  • Athul Sugathan

    quality issues for low end tv’s…thats why

  • Souvik Das

    Android Flagships get same 3 year support with “extra” features, that is yet to come in stock.
    Vanilla #Android is much behind the curve and barely catching up.
    #Nougat added something like Split Screen after ages (already in Touchwiz n iOS)
    Pixel would be big flop coz previous #Nexus phones were meant for the price conscious buyers.

  • Omkar Nilapwar

    Shardul Khapekar if don’t have and iPhone , u don’t have an iPhone U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 got it .

  • Jugal Gala

    Google software, regular updates, best camera, unlimited cloud storage for photos and best developer support.

  • Jugal Gala

    It does have OIS, unlimited full resolution cloud storage for all photos shot on the Pixel and splash resistance (seriously, I don’t see why you’d want to go swimming with your phone). Though i still feel that the price is too steep

  • David Dsouza

    good move by Indians

  • Ravi Teja Sharma

    When they ask for 57k it should also look like that. It had a bad design. One plus had a better design.

  • Sarath V Chandran

    you get 32 inch HD TV for 15K

  • Ashwin Ash

    when brainless people work in google and dont know how much Indians get a salary -of your mobile price and keep the rate of it. go fk yourself and that ceo too( i m from chennai saying this)seriously man u s..k

  • Pratik Vora

    Lol there are many good phones compared to it. The worst company i thought was Apple for over pricing but Google proved that it was no. 1 in every thing even in overpricing

  • Praneeth Nadella

    Nexus 6p is the best buy till date , pixel design was not that impressive and overpriced device till date in an android devices

  • Kunwar Viresh Pratap

    indians might get fool with the companies like apple but it doesn’t happens every time bro .

  • Rohit Joshi

    Who will buy this phone when they can get better option from Samsung, HTC & APPLE.

  • Abhisek Bohidar

    nexus 5 was a huge success because it was available with a affordable price. Once successors launched with a higher price the sales fallen.

  • Nilesh Vatwani

    Instead go for Note 7..!!? Really a Blasting Phone???

  • Pradyumna Shetty

    Shud hav retained Motorola at least fr the brand.

  • Arun Subramanian

    No it isn’t.. You do get 22 inch TV for 15k

  • Arun Subramanian

    Nonsense pricing and they expect people to pre order

  • Säçhìñ Rãút

    the phone is outstanding just the price will kill the phone in indian markets

  • Sourav Sharma

    No not 45 its like they are trying to sell in double it should be max 30k

  • Kshitij More

    Price is too much

  • Souvik Das

    15K TV is a Joke Though U0001f602

  • Souvik Das

    What is the incentive for getting a #Pixel over S7 Edge / S7 /HTC 10/LG G5?

  • SandSis

    I think , Pixel can give true comparison with iphone and may less or more …based on brand , price,functionality , software ,hardware , service etc… so, it will perfect price tags and marketing against iphone-apple by google -pixel …
    it’s just first version like first Nexus, will see what happening in features …Apple already good place in people mind specifically in India for branded phone, but feature not write by us …if you want to buy pixel then defiantly good move also you can buy Iphone 7 or Galaxy s7, Lgv20 etc ..

  • SandSis

    how you give statement like that ?…when  nexus come on starting 2 years at that time some only Iphone buddies give comment like you but you know atlist now what was nexus ..and now you will be able to see within some years what is pixel …wait and watch

  • SandSis

    can you give details how its fake iphone and losers ? can you comparing functionality or features ?

  • Eby Prasad

    Indians ain’t stupid to pay for over priced junks!

  • Kunal Khurana

    Han bhencho mehenga hai isliye

  • Surja Gain

    If you consider what the Indian “middle class” earns, then it makes sense I guess. Rather pay the kids tuition fees than let the sweet Google Pixel assistant take him to the bus stop or send some emails :) Ok they targeted the premium sector for flaunt value, then why does the phone look so terribly boring and cheap?!

  • Vishal Khedkar

    Overpriced. Just like the Nexus 6 was. Take my word, the prices will dwindle very fast for these phones just like it happened with the Nexus 6.

  • Rajat Kumar

    Boycott Chinese products U0001f4f5

  • Amol Karad

    Galaxy S7 edge is the best smartphone till date

  • Ritik Raj

    Public will buy apple iPhone instead of urs for 45-50k

  • Ritik Raj

    Price factor!! Is the reason

  • Shubham Nitin

    buy s7 or i7

  • Shubham Nitin

    thats what a fake iphone looks…losers

  • Debargha Biswas

    They should grow up and pay attention to the customers and trends
    If someone has to flaunt they will buy an iphone not an over-priced piece of Android

  • Anil Naithani

    Over pricing is the main factor.. One shld make product like this within the budget of max 35k.. Atleast for India.

  • Sayyed Ameer AR Khisro

    Because it is just another iphone copy with the home button gone back as a fingerprint sensor. While the jack is there

  • Amit Chuphal

    Iphone na khareed loon

  • Pulkit Bhatia

    Its better to buy the nexus 6P.

  • Ashutosh Tharwal

    Well not all got 60k to 70k money to buy this device, sorry to say but not interested

  • Keshav Goyal

    Because we are not C

  • Akhil Sreegiri

    G5 Is better option.

  • Siddharth Pareek

    Or lenovo zuk z2 plus

  • Siddharth Pareek

    They are doin mistake again. First they had a 6′ nexus. If it would have been a 5.5, its going to be in my pickets.

  • Atharv Yadav

    *like they are apple* We Indians only buy overpriced iPhones. If you give us any other overpriced phone we will wait till the price drop down to an extentU0001f602U0001f602

  • Parvej Akhtar

    Coz pixel is not priced as expected =D

  • Manu Sreeraj

    OnePlus 3 FTW!

  • sagarsiddhpura

    You should change title to “India Is Not Pre-Ordering the Pixel as Expected”

  • Pradeep Jain

    Price tag is toooooo high …….must have been btw 35 k to 40 k ………..

  • Dinakar Kypa

    What’s great. Oneplus 3 is 27k has better specs except the 821 processor

  • Robert Johnson

    The price is too high. You can buy a similar spec device in India for less.

  • Kunal Yadav

    Well it’s a great slap to them as they say India is preferred market for them but still prices are at higher end and BLUE variant is not for India …

  • Shaik Mohammed Yusuf

    Who will buy this android for ?57k when you getting iPhone 7 for these price, useless price for these mobile

  • Yash Gudka

    With such a steep pricing for the phone just after the nexus line. Pretty much no.
    Would rather buy a nexus 6p or would actually wait for Google to come down on price revision

  • Abhi Singh

    Price is too high as expected …U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • AravindaKumar Venugopal

    Prices are way high!! normally tis mobile will last for 2yrs around and spending 70K is worthless

  • Vivek Viswanathan

    Over priced for the specs… The benchmark scores weren’t impressive. Apple gonna make a killing considering the note 7 fiasco and Google messing again

  • Siddhartha Ghosh

    57 K break up :-
    15 k TV
    15k Washing Machine
    10 K fridge
    17 K Decent Android phone like X Play
    No wonder ppl ain’t buying pixel :v

  • Afzal Sheikh

    32 gig variant was discounted on big billion day

  • Raghav Batra

    Where to buy 6p for 33k?

  • Faisal Ahmer

    Our second video is out. This will surely bring a smile on your face. I reckon its better than the first one. Like,comment and subscribe. Thank you U0001f642

  • Mayuresh Rajan Shirolkar

    Dhiraj Arora PricingU0001f602

  • Nelson D’souza

    Ridiculously priced for a ugly phone

  • Vishal Giri

    who’s gonna buy an android device which costs u the same as iPhone7 and doesn’t even provide the features of other android flagships like PRICE UNDER 50K, 2K screen, expandable storage, IP67 and the OIS in camera just coz they hv some stock android features which will come late on other devices…

  • Himanshu Sahu

    Because it’s too expensive

  • Mohammad Faizan Nawaz

    Hahaha whose gonna pay 57 k . .

  • Afzal Sheikh

    Why will one buy them when u can have a Nexus 6p at ?33k or a superb HTC 10 at ?50k!

  • Ragesh G R

    Who will order of they price it so high?

  • Chirag Bhandary

    If they would have given Price of atleast 45k it would have work but they chose 57k even though it has full HD display so people will naturally go for S7 or G5 or HTC 10 or iPhone 7 if they had to price that high Pixel is a huge flop this year

  • Prince Khazzi