OnePlus 3T To Have Snapdragon 821 Upto 128 GB Storage and Dual Cameras

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OnePlus 3T To Have Snapdragon 821 Upto 128 GB Storage and Dual Cameras

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OnePlus may be working on a dual camera phone of their own. The OnePlus 3T hit the rumour mill a few days back however, information has been scanty. Reports of a Snapdragon 821 chipset have emerged from various sources and one of the OnePlus designers has posted on their Weibo account using the device.

The OnePlus 3t comes after reports that OnePlus has stopped the 3’s production and is working towards a new device due to unavailability of the AMOLED displays. Carl Pei, the company’s founder claimed that AMOLED is the way ahead via a tweet, but the reality of manufacturing for sustained periods may be limited due to stock availability.  However the OnePlus 3t is expected to continue the Optic AMOLED display along with storage options up to 128 GB.

Rumours that the company is working on a dual camera phone may also tie in with the OnePlus 3t, or could be for a separate device all together. OnePlus will retain the unibody design that everyone has appreciated and also the Dash Charge capability.

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  • Varun Sharma

    last year oneplus launched x this time of the year may be it could be same….

  • Varun Sharma

    even i think oneplus will be launching 3t soon

  • Varun Sharma

    dude how could u be sure that these r rumours only!!!

  • Vasu Gondaliya

    If you wanna see a Duffer then see this guys and see thus channel wtf THAT NEWS ARE FAKE

  • Mujahid Pathan

    Karo copy iPhone ki

  • Hamza Qurëshï Qureshi

    This cel price

  • Shreyas Gowda

    HTC first
    U ppl copied
    i’s r&d; does only one thing
    Copy paste all the ideas from Android U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Suhas Dev

    HTC cameras you know how literal hey are U0001f644

  • Shreyas Gowda

    iPhone pioneered dual camera
    U seriousU0001f611U0001f611
    U r proving i ppl are dumb
    HTC introduced dual camera years back

  • Suhas Dev

    As I always say you’re copying dual camera n following iphone path !this is seriously ridiculousU0001f602

  • Madesh Mady

    Ini vayasaku vandha enna varalina enna… Po po poi velaya paru

  • Lokesh Loky

    poda rate epadyiyum increase panvan :/

  • Madesh Mady

    Idhuku Annan appove sonnan, a little patience is always good

  • Lokesh Loky

    Madesh Mady vada poche :(

  • Shreyas Gowda

    Suhas Dev what u say about this?

  • Nihal Gonsalves

    128 GB is KINDA an overkill unless you have a specific reason!

  • Nachiket Vasudevan

    Aayush Modi Nihal Gonsalves
    Now this is something worth considering :P

  • Bhavesh Katwale

    Haha wahi bhai

  • Ashish Lohot

    Wtf bc rukja bhai thoda ab to pkka

  • Bhavesh Katwale

    Ashish Lohot whaaaaat U0001f60d

  • Sampad Shaheen Kobi

    Eto early? :o

  • Sumit Rai Sood

    Ayush Kothari bro most of these products r assembled in china. For instance apple products r designed in usa but made in china.blackberry, Playstation, nokia,kindle and many others r made in china by foxconn group. Until unless Foxconn move there factories out of china we people simple dnt have any other option.

  • Atishay Prasoon

    Nothing mentioned about the launch date.

  • Ayush Kothari

    Chitransh Khanna
    Why we will throw ? We can avoid new chinese items like duplicate and 3rd class chinese items which have no warranty no guarantee…
    I know its an era of globalisation, but enemy is enemy.Recently 4 times China opposed India and its a bigger threat to us than pakistan.
    In mobiles , atleast we can buy non chinese brands like Samsung HTC lg Micromax microsoft Sony Panasonic Lava Apple Blackberry Infocus Asus (taiwan) etc and avoid chinese….

  • Rubayat Bin Bashar

    Sampad Shaheen Kobi bhaao astece jinish U0001f604

  • Rishabh Bansal

    Rishab bhaiya Im unable to tag khushboo di …tag krdo aapU0001f605U0001f605

  • Syed Mohiuddin Yasser

    Yeah, and no amoled screen …

  • Tahir Hussain

    Azman Ansari Zain Ansari wait

  • Chitransh Khanna

    Good that you actually understand it. We cannot escape it, it’s a global world now and it’s also our profit to consume something which comes at a comparably cheaper price.

  • Max Malviya

    bhai kitna movie dekhega

  • Prabhjot Matharoo

    very good, now you coming up with your own ideas about dual camera, for a few more likes!

  • Hamza Chaudhry

    Dan Yal *_*

  • Yash Raj

    Atishay bhai wait for some more time!

  • Abhishek Gautam

    mmmm… Chitransh Khanna well said man,

  • Chitransh Khanna

    lol better buy a laptop then

  • Chitransh Khanna

    The phone or equipment you’re using to post this is Chinese or at least made in China, throw it away first. Then we talk ahead.

  • Chitransh Khanna

    Kinshuk you are reatrded then :) Carl Pie has tweeted that. Please do your research next time old trashbag.

  • Kinshuk Bisht

    kid they do have.
    Stop shitting around. Its a min gane for sammy to refuse selking oleds to oneplus

  • Shoaib Khan

    Qeemat bhi specs k jitnr hi ho gi U0001f602

  • Muhammad Hamza

    I’d go with Mi 5s+ in $350

  • Hussain Naqvi

    Muhammad Hamza 800 dollars U0001f602

  • Abhishek Gautam

    and that happened before China stoped Bhramputra

  • Robert Johnson

    Looks like the OnePlus 3T is a possibility and it would be nice to have another flagship product with more memory.

  • Maaz Qureshi

    Is ki qimat Kya hai

  • Parth Garg

    Abhishek – Narendra Modi is trying for more Import from China. Dnt U saw BRICS speech?
    Trust him and buy Chinese Products

  • Abhinav Agarwal

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  • Rishabh Jain

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  • Anurag Sharma

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  • Abhishek Gautam

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  • Thomas Sumanth

    why what happened to them ? they are great right ?

  • Joban Virk

    Still need sd card in 128 gb? Go store ur items in pc then reset ur phone

  • TamanPreet Singh

    Gurleen Singh Kunwar Preet Singh

  • Raj Adhia

    See this @ Akash Shah

  • Abhishek Gautam

    man stop endorsing chinese products

  • Mohit Grewal

    jo apne pass hai wahi best hai

  • Vivek Khandai

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  • Siddharth Verma

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  • Praveen Singh

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