Quick Charge 4 Will Give 5 Hours of Usage after 5 Minutes of Charge

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Quick Charge 4 Will Give 5 Hours of Usage after 5 Minutes of Charge

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Qualcomm new Snapdragon 835 chipset is said to be the next big release from the chipset manufacturer. The chipset which will offer big performance improvements is also said to feature the new Quick Charge 4 tech which will allow for super fast charging of your smartphones.

The Snapdragon 835 which may be announced as early as CES 2016 will feature this new tech and give a phone 5 hours of battery life after charging for just 5 minutes, or up to 50-percent of a battery’s capacity in just under 15 minutes. QuickCharge 4.0 is designed keeping recent battery issues and safety in mind. With cable quality detection, the technology can adapt the current as necessary, while three levels of voltage protection and four levels of temperature protection ensure devices won’t dangerously overheat and in turn explode.

Previous iterations of Quick Charge, from 1.0 up to 3.0 have not been USB-PD compliant. The new Quick Charge 4.0, however, fully compliant with USB Power Delivery (PD), meaning consistent power delivery using the latest USB Type-C cables and future usb cable standards.

Samsung is apparently helping Qualcomm manufacture these chipsets due to the high demand, and it is more than likely that the US variants of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature this new Snapdragon 835.

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  • Hamza Ali

    Gdjgkxp gym uffo UK jrurt uska going round this uidkkd j

  • Prakhar Vaish

    And 90% chances of exploding?

  • Arpit Goel

    Hahahaha that would be complaint by Samsung

  • Vss Tushar

    Does it comes with auto explosion mode.

  • Santosh Kumar Yadav

    I think Samsung S8 quick charger 4 sport and prosesr snapdragon 835 is come in this phone

  • Pritam Uniyal

    Ye to wahe bat honge beta Kukar ma 2 citee aa jaye to gas band kar dena chawal pak jayega…

  • Viraj Pereira

    Lucky if your phone survives.

  • Jassdeep Singh

    Nd how much time it will take to blast.heheheh.

  • Ziyad Qaiser

    Android at its very best. Fahad Moin Umer Moin

  • Bharatesh V R

    I hope it won’t blast the battery

  • Sagar BS

    future be like
    update: quick charge 10 will give u full battery… by just touching charger pin.U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602