Nokia Mega Comeback Phone to cost Rs. 9999

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Nokia Mega Comeback Phone to cost Rs. 9999

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Nokia 1DC will be launched early next year at Mobile World Congress 2017. The phone which will revive the Nokia brand name and be the first ever smartphone from the Finnish giant sold running Android will be available in two variants. One with 2GB RAM and one with 3 GB RAM according to a report.

The report claims that the Nokia 1DC will start at US $ 150 and will run Android N out of  the box. Earlier leaks on benchmark sites have positioned the 1DC with a Snapdragon 430 chipset and Adreno 505 GPU. The specifications don’t seem to keep up with the expectations of the “comeback” tag. Both variants of the Nokia 1DC will sport full HD displays, however, one has a 5 inch display while the 3GB RAM variant is expected to sport a 5.5 inch display.

Camera options also seem to be mixed, with the lower variant sporting a 13 MP shooter and the higher variant churning 16 Mega Pixels.

HMD Global, which is the manufacturer carrying the Nokia name, has confirmed that the Indian market is key and the first phone will be in the Rs. 10000 price bracket which matches perfectly with the rumoured US $ 150 price of the above Nokia 1DC.

Nokia still holds 1/10 the overall mobile handset market, although this is largely due to their strong hold of feature phones, HMD plans to regain position to double in the first year of launch getting 1/5th the market share.

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  • NaiduAlla

    Good news

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    ohhhhh not supporting memory card

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    waiting from 4-5 months

  • Âmäñ Ròÿ

    m gonna buy this phone

  • Mohammed Akbar Pasha

    U0001f602U0001f602 yeah it means now in India every smart phone is belongs to China… We request ram Dev Baba for #patanjali mobile

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  • Vipul Devnani

    Will it have a fingerprint scanner ?

  • KüÑal GåÛ?ám

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  • Usman Zafar Kanth

    Zafar Iqbal Kanth, nokia is back

  • Parvej Akhtar

    Also it heats alot.. mostly while charging.. wohoo i gota 12k iron..

  • Kunal Kishor

    Note 3..brobits camera sucks

  • Hafijur Rahman

    any others photo

  • Sachin Balan


  • Parvej Akhtar

    Class bro.. China and Class are two whole different things.

  • Ajay Gumma

    That is the plan. Only add a low end qwerty + touchscreen + touchpad feature phone to the list.

  • Prasanna ST

    Prithvi Krishna check out the Nokia

  • Prateek Sharma

    east or west nokia is the best (Y)

  • Hushen Savani

    Specs aren’t that impressive

  • Sharad Gautam

    Harry Bajaj my next U0001f61c

  • Ankit Jhunjhunwala

    Tarun Manani Harshit Agrawal ye lega tarun

  • Chaitu Black Caimen

    Please be real , please please please, Nokia you hearing me, Please.

  • Lokesh Dhruw

    I m waiting …

  • Mohammed Akbar Pasha

    RIP XIAOMI AND OTHER CHINESE COMPANIES coz Nokia know that ppls of India now hating Chinese Products

  • Anshuman Pandey

    Why its not getting out of windows design

  • Anshuman Pandey

    Again its going to flop

  • Rupam Sarkar

    It’ll neva come

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  • Mahaveer Dugar

    Make way for the King

  • Manju Nath

    Love india love nokia

  • Manju Nath

    Father is back go back other brands

  • Subham Sanket

    The king is coming…… U0001f981

  • Raval Jayvir

    Coming soon nokia

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  • Bijay Vyan Sinha

    We are waiting………………… Nokia

  • arunstudd

    There should be a phone from Nokia running android with optimisation and a camera that’ll will shake the market like the N series did. I still hold on to my Nokia 808 just for the camera.

  • Shubham Agrawal

    Best smartphone under 15k ?

  • Abhishek Soni

    Finally the losers would be back

  • Athul Bennapalan

    specs not impressive

  • Dushyanth Avina

    Real big boss coming

  • Aaditya Mandloi

    Jithin K Thomas another reason to wait

  • Anurag Mistry

    Those are rumours I think…

  • Hikigaya Ken

    Lol 1 year se aa hi ra he U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Saksham Singh

    It’s gonna be game changer if price is gonna be that!

  • Sauni Wan Lenar Laloo

    Nangkhrobor Shadap U0001f602 This phone is for you

  • Mehul Mehta

    Bhai agar sahi raha na to pakka nokia.
    Best mobile brand bhai

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    just bring it

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    Amogh Joglekar, dekh le

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    Bring in on b*tch U0001f61a

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    I love Nokia phones

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    Good price for a brand like Nokia

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    Saurav Kumar
    Have a look

  • Pradeep Mali

    Waiting for this

  • Praveen Singh

    Yes Giant is coming Back
    Hope they’ll provide better camera quality like previous nokia devicesU0001f44cU0001f44d

  • Tapan Pal

    Full features & price

  • Rushab Shah

    Mehul Mehta yeh wala lena tum backyonokia