OnePlus 3 Drops to Rs. 18,999 As the Company Discontinues the Past Flagship Killer

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OnePlus 3 Drops to Rs. 18,999 As the Company Discontinues the Past Flagship Killer

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UPDATE : It appears this is not an official OnePlus sale as confirmed by a tweet from Carl Pei (founder of OnePlus)

Flipkart has officially dropped the price to Rs. 18,999 and the sale will happen on 18th of December at 4PM.

OnePlus has issued an official statement :

OnePlus is focused on creating premium flagship smartphones. We have an exclusive partnership with Amazon in India. We advice customers to purchase OnePlus products only through official channels as we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the products sold elsewher

The OnePlus 3 will be sold for Rs. 18,999 according to folks at (Clickable Link) from 18th to 21st Dec in their sale. The OnePlus 3, which launched in the summer of 2016 features a 6GB RAM which set it apart from the competition along with top of the line specifications including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset, and 64 GB storage.The OnePlus 3 will be available in limited quantities in India, as the phone has officially been discontinued and the company has stopped manufacturing the smartphone, with stocks still selling strong in countries like India.


Is the sale is a method of clearing stocks? Irrespective, this is obviously a fantastic deal for those looking to buy the phone and saving a good Rs. 9000 in the process. This will make the OnePlus 3 at Rs. 18,999 only for a few day. Post that only the OnePlus 3T will be available to purchase in either the 64 GB variant for Rs. 29,999 or the 128 GB variant for Rs. 34,999.


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  • Chakshu Garg

    Even I tried for one

  • Riya Gupta

    Out of stock already

  • Akshaya Murdeshwar I just got one plus 3 on flash sale. I hope it’s genuine product.

  • Chakshu Garg

    Riya Gupta try for this

  • Nagaraj Raparthi

    Akhil Sattiraju daaaammmnnnn

  • Anmol Dixit

    Anubhav utha le

  • Himava Bhattacharya

    They are only left with soft gold color

  • Arka Routh

    Himava Bhattacharya bhaaaaaai kine ne

  • Devanshu Bhasker

    Umang KatariyaU0001f602 dekhle bola tha mene

  • Chaudhaury Abdullah

    bhai ghalat hai 3 t pakistan mai bohat mehanga hai aur 3 bhi aur yai igayyan india ka chanell hai aur us kai mutabiq pak mai is ki price zyada hai

  • Tanish Yadav

    Kaifi Kamboj k h u ? pkka kr k bta pher kru oder

  • Palas Das

    Its now vanished from fk…

  • Palas Das

    Oneplus 3 vanished from flipkart….

  • Haris Sheikh

    Chaudhaury Abdullah lele

  • Jeremy Jeremiah

    Or the same photo im 50 pix n news ahead of u

  • Vïshål Dhüsì

    Pavanish Srikanth Jeremy

  • Tushar Venugopal

    Harsh Singhvi :o

  • Kashyap Dudhatra

    Sanmeet Kalsekar dekh yeh!

  • Deepanshu Thakran

    Anubhav Gautam RiShabh BatRa Pankaj Grover
    Poor Himank Mangla U0001f602

  • Rohit Andley Mathur

    Lol I don’t think we will get any warranty also when the head is denying it. Sorry flipkart

  • Prasannakumar Nuthangi

    Lol flipkart removed it ..just go & check

  • Ranjith Behara

    lol how can he give it for such a small price bro U0001f60e

  • Arpit Goel

    Sparsh Agarwal bc lg gy laude

  • Kailash Rao

    Ranjith Behara Sunil Choudhary Deepak Chinnamadela Sorry had to tag :p

  • Yash Daftry

    Still 8k down.

  • Sanyam Daga

    Yash Daftry bought it 5 months ago dude

  • Yash Daftry

    Oops Sanyam Daga

  • Akshit Jain

    U really think one plus 3 will be available on Flipkart ??
    If yes will they give original phones only ??

  • Mohammad Nauman

    Le kr dey na U0001f601

  • Arslan Ramzan

    Le le jaldi

  • Mohammad Nauman

    Arslan Ramzan ab lety hain new mobile :D

  • Pratham Mehta

    There was a lot of difference in C4ETECH’s speed test
    1. Op3 has sim whereas 3t didnt. Checking for signal consumes CPU Power.
    2. Op3t had the new update but op3 didnt(It has not got it yet).
    If these things werent there, There would be a mere difference of 2~3 seconds in both phones

  • Pratham Mehta

    Shaurya cancel your previous order and try your luck at flipkart, You”ll save 10k

  • Pratham Mehta

    And One plus 3 at 18999 is worth it , Considering there are optimization issues in 3t.

  • Shaurya Tuli

    Ik there CEO tweeted it

  • Pratham Mehta

    And secondly, One plus 3 on flipkart is a not a authorized sale by one plus. They’re doing it om their ow

  • Pratham Mehta

    Shaurya use the python cart script

  • Thiru Vignésh

    lol 3t discontinued itseemsU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 #sad3

  • Yugendher Vinayak

    LoL 3T might be discontinued not the 3
    And moreover Op3 is exclusive for Amazon oly so those who purchase op3 in the upcoming Flipkart sale no warranty will be offered

  • Shaurya Tuli

    It will be sold out in 10 Sec,

  • Shaurya Tuli

    It is sold on flipkart on 8K discount do you think that I have a chance to buy! U0001f62d

  • Araav Kukreja

    And Shaurya just ordered it 2 days agoU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • MaDhur Gaikwad

    Ha na this is savage man in 3months 10k less

  • MaDhur Gaikwad

    Ha na this is savage man in 3months 10k less

  • Gaurav Karpe

    MaDhur if u wish to sale ur phone…. Do it fast

  • Êr Àrpît Bãjpãyêê

    Oneplus ,oneplus 2 n 3 … Lv that phones :-*

  • rhtchandnani

    the one plus 3 had has been removed from.flipkart after this tweet

  • Savanth Maden

    Saw this but this is not true Krushna Hare

  • Faiz Khanz

    Shadab dekh be issey bdia kahi nhi milega..

  • Aneesh Ganguly

    Now this rogue flagship killer will kill it’s own new flagship phn U0001f61dU0001f608

  • Derek Kandur

    Wtf U0001f626 Manjunath Muthyala & Rajeev Kushwaha U0001f614????

  • Shoeb Hussaini

    LMAO Vishal Kalla

  • Gaurab Patnaik

    glad i sold it for 24k after 5 month use. U0001f602

  • Abhinav Mudaliar

    Aneesh Ganguly itna drop…wowww

  • Amit Jain

    DevEsh RatHi bhai ye kya huaU0001f602

  • Kishor Prasad

    Well 19,999 is not yet disclosed…

  • Mohammed Mahed

    Akhilesh McCullum yeh kya huwa

  • Kumar Aditya

    I am so sorry Manish Chaubey Shivanshu Srivastava U0001f610

  • Kunwar Pal Singh

    Karan Saini Jashan Deep Singh its a bit disheartening

  • Anmol Khanna

    Naman bhaiya LolU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Happy Singh

    Bahut Ganda par OK hai

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    Asra Khadri, abhi bhi bolru mere paas hai paise , lelo, ab toh kam hogaya rate, hauli

  • Nikhil Junnarkar

    Rutwik Borole you bought it too soon!?

  • Anurag Nair

    Happy Singh .. Jhatka U0001f605

  • Harshil Malik

    Ab toh yahi keh skte hU0001f62dU0001f648

  • Harshil Malik

    U0001f644U0001f644it’s okay bro

  • Kanwar Bhuvan Pratap Singh

    Harshil Malik should have waited

  • Akshat Jain

    Koi baat nhi SurajU0001f602

  • Jàsh Jàin

    Abhishek Bharti sounds like a good deal

  • Jàsh Jàin

    Manan Shukla you just got it right?

  • Raghav Kumar

    It hurts U0001f625U0001f625

  • Aryan Agarwal

    Raghav Sorry bro.

  • Bernard Richard

    still can’t afford it